Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Days like these... a follow up

So after I wrote the post below, I had pretty much resigned myself to getting a bit of sleep while waking up every two hours to get Elise's BG. That actually would have been preferable to what REALLY happened.

I finally crawled into bed around midnight, and had turned off the light, when about 15 minutes later Elise started to scream. Not just crying, it was a terrifying I'm-about-to-explode scream. So I rushed into her room, afraid she had thrown up again. She hadn't, but was standing at the end of her crib, arms raised and wanting to be picked up. I calmed her down, rocked her and put her back to bed. I went back to my room, 10 minutes pass and the screaming begins anew.

I go back in, check her BG (it's fine), lay her back down, and stay with her until she's actually asleep. I leave, get back into bed, and start to drift off. At about 1:00 am, she starts screaming again (before I had totally gone to sleep), and startled me so much that I knocked my water cup that's sitting on my nightstand over (it's the huge one you get when you're in the hospital), and spill water all over my magazines, books, TV remote and other items that are piled there. It also runs down the wall, into the electrical socket and forms a huge puddle on the floor. Meanwhile, Elise is still screaming.

I check her BG again (this time it's a bit high, probably from all the crying), so I checked for ketones (negative), took her temp (100.3), and get her calmed and asleep again. This goes on until 2:00 am and I am at my wits end. Because Elise seemed to be in pain (she was writhing in my arms every time I picked her up), and because I didn't know what else to do, I gave her some baby Tylenol. That kicked in at about 2:30, and she finally fell asleep.

I went back to my room, cleaned up the water and quite literally crawled into bed. It took me about 30 minutes to fall asleep. Elise again woke at 5:30, crying. I was able to calm her down and she fell asleep until 7:00, a full hour earlier than usual.

This was tough to handle anyway, but when you add D to the equation, it's downright miserable. I had pretty much ruled out that it was D related, but what if I had missed something? There seemed to be no reason for Elise to be crying (yes, I checked her gums - no teeth coming in), except that maybe her stomach was still upset from getting sick.

The good news? I discovered I can still function on only 2 and 1/2 hours sleep. Go me!

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  1. What the heck, Elise?! Gabriel did that the other night too (I came to the conclusion that it was something that I ate passing through the milk, making his little tummy upset). It is always unnerving when your child is ill or just not feeling well, but how frightening to always have the "BS" in your mind! (I meant "blood sugar" by "BS," however I am sure you could think of another thing to call it...) This blog puts everything in a new prospective. I truly do appreciate your honestly and sharing your family's story with us. I think of the four of you often (gotta count poor ol' Seven) and lift up a little prayer each time. Hang in there, Super Momma! (And please do know that you can call me anytime. I'll tell you if I am busy with the twinados and need to call you back!)


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