Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meal Ideas: Quesadilla

Coming up with new and exciting meal ideas for an almost-toothless toddler is no easy task. But I have found a favourite by slapping some cheese and chicken together between two tortillas!

What you need:
Shredded Cheese (any kind - I use sharp cheddar)
Chicken (or any meat for that matter - I use Kroger's Boars Head Oven Roasted Chicken Breast)
Two tortillas (again, any kind - I use Mission)

To Make:
*Warm a skillet (or frying pan - something the tortilla will easily fit into) up on med/low heat. Put a tortilla in the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle some cheese on the tortilla.
*Layer some chicken over the cheese.
*Sprinkle a bit more cheese over the chicken (this is important because it helps the second tortilla stick to the chicken), and place the second tortilla on top.
*When cheese on the bottom has melted, flip so the cheese on the other side melts too. The quesadilla is done when all the cheese has melted.
*Use a pizza cutter to cut into bite sized pieces.
*Serve with a bit of sour cream for dipping.

Carb Count:
I give Elise 1/4 of the quesadilla, which is 1/2 of one tortilla. For the Mission brand of tortilla that I use, that comes out to 8.5g of carbs. The sour cream is 1g of carbs per 2 tbsp, but I never give her that much.

Why It's a Great Meal:
*Elise will eat it
*I can use whole wheat tortillas if I want a healthier option
*Add some fruit and it's a pretty balanced meal
*The 3/4 of the tortilla that she doesn't eat, ends up being MY lunch!


  1. The boys love quesadillas too! We make them with black beans and corn. Sometimes we get really fancy and add some Hunts Fire Roasted Tomatoes as well. (Jon and eat them with the boys!) I know the corn has carbs to factor in, but other than that, it's fairly comparable. Another "protein" food that we love is Soybutter. (We're still waiting to try peanuts with all of our allergy problems.) We put it on waffles for breakfast very often.

  2. Thanks for the tips Amber! I actually got the Soybutter tip from you before Elise was diagnosed, and we use it on toast for her. It's a good way to make sure she's getting some protein in her meal.

    I haven't tried waffles with Elise yet. She doesn't like pancakes, so I don't have much hope for waffles!


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