Monday, December 1, 2008

Days like these...

I was all prepared to do a cool little post about what to feed a baby with diabetes (tips, ideas, maybe a recipe or two), when stupid diabetes decided to kick me in the butt (for a change).

Basically, Elise threw up after I put her to bed. On everything. Her sheets, herself, her blankie and her stuffed dog. It's a good thing I have duplicates of the last two items. She was high when I put her to bed (379), but when I checked her a few hours later she had dropped to 229. Methinks that's too quick of a drop. So it looks like I'm on checking-every-two-hours-through-the-night duty (or until it looks like her numbers have stabilized). Who needs sleep, anyway?

Oh, and did I mention that Fred left for New York this afternoon? It figures...

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