Sunday, April 5, 2009

I like it better on TV than in real life

The ER that is.

As much as I was a fan of the show, being there in real life is not much fun. Mostly because they don't have docs that look like George Clooney, Noah Wylie, or John Stamos.

Anyway, that's where we found ourselves Saturday night. After dinner, I took Elise's temperature because I was sitting about a foot away from her and could feel how warm she was from there. She was 103.4. Oh man. A call to the pedi was in order. Except for the fever, Elise was behaving like her silly self. The doc wanted us to take her to the ER as a precaution.

So that's where we spent Saturday night. Elise was running slightly high at 245, and had trace/small ketones. Her temp was 102.5... nothing too alarming, but they hooked her up to an IV, gave her Motrin for the fever, did a urine culture and took a bunch of blood for some tests. The good news is everything came back okay, so they let us go home around midnight.

Today she's fever-free, but still running high with ketones. At last check she was 490, with small ketones. We don't do corrections, unless it's at a mealtime, so we're waiting to see what her numbers are at lunchtime. She really doesn't appear to be sick, so I don't know what is causing these numbers.

If anyone has any advice, or an idea of what we might be dealing with, please let me know.

Why does this stuff always happen on the weekend???

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  1. Hi Joanne! So sorry your little girl has been sick! My little girl, Jada, who is almost four was diagnosed a year ago with Type 1 as well. Sickness in our household anymore brings even GREATER worry! :) It sounds to me like Elise just has a bug that most toddlers are prone to. With Jada, even the lowest grade fever can get her ketones up and going strong, so I check her ketones frequently with urine strips- but that's much easier with a potty trained child! Hang in there- most of these things only last about 24 hours it seems!


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