Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Struggling with the lows

I've heard that some kids with D start battling lows in the springtime. Something about them being more active. That would make sense if Elise were a bit older, but to me we've been doing the exact same stuff we always do, and lately it's been a constant battle to get Elise's BG over 150.

When she was sick a few weeks ago, we were dealing with numbers in the 400s. But after she got better, the highs lingered, so the endo upped her doses across the board (and one of those I ignored because I sensed it was going to be too much insulin). Here's an example of today:

7:57 am - 71, (I gave her 3g of carbs, not wanting to overshoot her. I also nursed her)
8:12 am - 155 (her number after being nursed)
She got her usual dose (2.5 N + 6 DH), and 18g of carbs, 2g more than usual (and yes, this makes a difference in someone her size, or at least it used to)
11:40 am - 57 Yikes!!! Her N usually doesn't peak this early. I went ahead and gave her lunch because it's so hard to give her a few carbs, wait 15 minutes and then test. I gave her 24g, which is 4g more than usual.
1:04 pm - 187, her before nap number
2:22 pm - 76, she wakes from her nap early and crying. I give her 8g of carbs.
4:52 pm - 139, pre-dinner, finally... A decent number! She gets 29g of carbs, about 3g more than normal. Her dose of insulin at dinner is 5.5 DH
7:56 pm - 87, a little on the low side, but okay. I give her 10g of carbs which is far and away the most I have ever given her for a snack at night. Most nights she gets nothing. After her dose of 2 N (I lowered it from 2.5 N because she has been going low overnight - as low as 52 the other night), I nurse her.
8:49 pm - 110... WHAT? An hour later and she's only 110? What the crap is this? I'm telling you, 3g of carbs used to send her BG up by 50, and 10g barely moves it??? I DON'T GET IT???

If you made it this far, congrats; you're a glutton for punishment. I was hoping by typing it out, I might make some sense of it, but I'm just as confused. To make matters worse, my husband is away, so it's just me handling these lows by myself. I am so frustrated, this has never happened before and I'm so scared about these low numbers. I'm almost afraid to go to sleep, even though she's pretty good about waking up and crying when she gets low.

If anyone has any ideas, or suggestions... I'm all ears. I'll be lowering her doses tomorrow, probably just the N to start, and then e-mail my logs to the endo for advice. Any advice on how to get her BG up and keep it up?

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  1. Geez. That seems so off the wall. How the effects of the carbs could be so different from just weeks ago. Wonder if it has anything to do with her being so sick last week - and might even itself out? Must be driving you CRAZY.


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