Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Of Nanas and Pish

When Elise wakes up from her nap, she has two things on her mind... Nanas and Pish. She starts asking for them almost as soon as I take her BG. "Nanas, Mãe? Pish? Nanas e Pish?" This is how she greets me after emerging from her 1 - 2 break from me.

I should probably translate that for you. Nanas are, well, bananas. That one was easy. As for the word "Mãe", that's Mom in Portuguese. One of these days I'll write a post telling you more about this crazy family of mine, but here's the short version... my husband is Portuguese and speaks to Elise only in Portuguese. So her vocab includes a smattering of both languages. Pish are goldfish crackers and that word is a mix between fish and the Portuguese word for fish, which is peixe.

Bananas and goldfish crackers are her snack of choice, and I'm only to happy to give them to her. Except on days like today, when she wakes up with a BG of this:

Which means, all she gets is this:

That is about 3g of carbs worth of nanas and pish. Pretty sad, eh? And that's probably more carbs than she should have with a BG of 191. But she looked at me when she asked for it! With her eyes and everything! I think she even batted her eye lashes too! That's not playing fair.

(Plus history shows she usually starts dropping before dinner, so this should keep her BG in range before I test her again at around 5:15)

I also gave her some cheese so she wouldn't starve. And ignore the time on the scale... stupid Daylight Savings Time!

Just thought I'd share what snack time can look like at our house.


  1. That is interesting about your husband! I also always forget you have your other blog and have to remember to check that out sometimes, too, to learn all kinds of things about you! :)
    Somewhere did I read are you both originally from Canada? Is that right?
    Anyway, this post is something I think about with JD kids a lot, especially Elise being so young. So many parents, like me, use food in so many ways that you can't--keeping them quiet at church, busy at Walmart, occupied while you do things, etc. And then especially not only to be able to give it whenever you want, but also to have to limit the amounts.
    I can remember after dinners my brother or sister saying "But I'm still hungry!" I recall my mom always saying, "Have a carrot. Have a pickle." The "free" foods. Which who really wants free foods when you really want more real food?

    Hang in there....

  2. Just like your header says...Diabetes SUCKS! It looks like you are doing a great job of making it suck less!

    You little girl sounds adorable!


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