Friday, May 22, 2009

Numbers, numbers, numbers!

Life has been crazy lately, with little to no time to sit down. Life with a toddler, eh? I just wanted to post some amazing, wonderful numbers we've been getting lately. I hope I don't jinx it by writing about it!!!

7:47 am - 205
11:54 am - 95
2:50 pm - 94
5:00 pm - 112
7:50 pm - 114
9:03 pm - 232

7:30 am - 177
11:52 am - 121
2:43 pm - 88
4:57 pm - 125
8:04 pm - 91
9:11 pm - 186
11:32 pm - 271

8:02 am - 132
11:54 am - 55*

*Okay, that number wasn't so great, but I think her NPH was peaking a bit early.

I've stopped taking her BG at mid-morning because we are getting such high numbers at that time and I would get so frustrated by it. Even Elise's endo admitted that they see a lot of those and haven't had a lot of success controlling the mid-morning spike.

She said if Elise was on a pump they could try some things, but the only advice she had is to tinker with what she eats at breakfast (cheerios, strawberries, milk, and toast with some soynut butter on it). I don't really see anything that could be causing a spike, but does anyone have any advice???


  1. I may have an idea about what is causing the morning spikes. I have heard/read that an intolerance or an allergy can be a cause of unexplained spikes. I have read posts from older Type 1's who have found that milk or an intolerance to milk can cause a spike in BG. An intolerance (allergy) to any type of food could cause the spike however milk is the most common(I have heard). We are having the same problem with our 3 year old, I started skipping her am snack sometimes because her BG was still quite high from breakfast. The diabetic clinic told us to start giving her, her insulin before she ate her breakfast to give the insulin more time to work. Some days we have highs and others we have great numbers some times I just don't understand it? :) Good luck!

  2. We used to have real problems with mid-morning spikes- then someone suggested that we wait 15-20 minutes after dosing before we let Jada eat. It totally took care of the problem. The problem it creates, though, is a very hungry and crabby child!! So- we'll often give her a piece of cheese or something free to hold her over. It's also tough to do this if they wake up too low. This also means that I have to be pretty alert by the time lunch comes around, because she starts to drop pretty fast. Hope this helps!


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