Friday, January 28, 2011

I got nothin'

I promise I'll stop just posting pictures of the dexcom and post something of substance soon. The last three or so days have been a little on the craptastic side. I've decided to start the paperwork on officially changing my kid's names to Crabby and Clingy. I swear they're conspiring in the night to gang up on me...

Onto the one thing that's making me happy these days. At least D is behaving. Of course, now that I've thrown that out into the universe, the universe is probably going to throw it up right back on me. It's okay. At least I have these pictures to remind me!

Look! From last night until this morning, her BG didn't go below 100 or above 200 (it looks like it dips, but finger poke said 134). Even better, the arrow didn't go beyond slightly down or slightly up. And look again... our high alert line is back! I don't know if you noticed in the other pics, but that line has been missing for awhile. We were having some horrible nights awhile ago where the dexcom kept alarming that she was above her high threshold. But she would always wake up in the morning in range, so we couldn't really correct her. So we turned off the high alert so we could get some sleep. And now, her high threshold isn't 200. I just put that in there because it makes me happy.

This morning from 6:45 until 9:45... I totally OWN breakfast (at least on days she doesn't have school).

Amy's comment on my last post made me chuckle: "Hahahahahahahahahaha! I totally see one of those fifty's style cartoon blocks of a woman in an apron and a spoon in the air declaring "Making breakfast my bitch"."

Something like this?:


  1. OMG - the picture almost made me pee I laughed so hard. LOL

  2. Firstly post away!! Im obsessed with Dex...when it looks good too! Shit we work hard and its nice to see it pay off!

    Omg the pic is classic!! I love your humour its awesome!

    Ps: ive made bfast my bitch all week too!

  3. Have you said how you achieve straight? I'm wondering if I need to stick to a traditional diabetic diet, though I'm not really sure what that is, being so new. But, something that keeps carbs under control rather than just bolusing for them.

  4. That's one of the reasons I love shows us when we're doing a great job!

  5. When the craptastic is looming, we must cling to that which makes us smile! Heck, that picture made ME smile! Way to go!

    And your last pic made me laugh out loud. :) Thanks for that!

  6. I am a sleep deprived dad, who has 2 type 1 kids out of five, I was the responsible genetic donor as I also have Type 1. Just wanted to tell you that your style of writing made me LOL! Keep it up.
    PS: I am absolutely adding you to my blog roll!

  7. Honestly! Are you trying to push my buttons over here!? And...with the high threshold line lowered even! SHOWOFF!!! Just kidding and BIG, BIG Smiles Jo. I am glad diabetes is behaving. Actually Joe just had a fairly smooth line on Dexter through the night b/c he didn't decide to go out and skate after dinner last night (Thank God). When he skates after dinner the nights can be U-G-L-Y.

    Have a great Sunday and tell the family "hi" from their Portuguese Pancreas Buddy!

  8. Great post :) Love those straight lines. Kind of off the subject, but I found your blog about a month ago, and while I don't have children YET, I love LOVE your blog! You go thru the same crap I do, but I feel like I am looking from the outside looking in, like in third person. Your style of writing is wonderful,witty and so funny and uplifting :)
    Thank you for sharing your experiences with Elise, keep up all the good work!!!
    ~ Erika T1, 33F (3 years)

  9. @ Erika - thank you so much for your sweet comment... it means a lot to me that people (besides those who are obligated to) are entertained by what I write.

    Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself!

  10. HA HA HA HA!!!! Love that pic!!!!

    Love the beautiful lines a little more though :)


    Positively perfect.


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