Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thank you for being a friend

Why am I quoting the Golden Girls theme song? It could be because Elise has an unnatural fascination with the show she calls, "The Grandmas." And no, I don't actually let her watch it... it's a little "mature" for her age. She just happened to wander into the room when I was watching it while nursing Mattias. I had to turn it off when Dorothy called Blanche a word that sounds like "smut" (just substitute an "l" for the "m").

Every once in awhile, she still asks me if she can watch "The Grandmas". In fact, she just asked me as I was firing up the old blog for this post... and voila, a title was born.

Now, onto my reasons for this post. First and foremost to say thank you for all the lovely comments on my post about not wanting a pump for Elise. To say I was overwhelmed would be a huge understatement.

I was so afraid to hit publish on that baby. Not because I thought you guys would want to storm my house and burn me at the stake for such hearsay, but I honestly thought that not wanting a pump for Elise made me a bad Mom. Or at the very least, a sucky stand-in pancreas.

It did my heart good to read comment after comment of support, stories of MDI-related success, and echos of "same". I loves me some D-O-C!

My second thing is that I'm still struggling with the "to-pump-or-not-to-pump" dilemma. Mostly because Fred and I are planning to take the kids to Portugal sometime this year, and the thought of travelling on NPH makes my stomach cramp a little bit. Granted, we've done 3 airplane trips on the stuff, but this will be the first time our attention will be divided between two kids, and let's not forget that Portugal has a 6 hour time difference.

I also wanted to ask what would be some good questions to go armed to the pump class with. I really wanted to do a lot of research, but haven't been able to devote much time to it due to illness and a sick, clingy baby that has suddenly decided he wants to do nothing but be held and nurse 24/7.

And last... I do have one more secret... but I'm not telling yet. And no, I am NOT pregnant. Do you think I'm freaking insane?


  1. wait a minute are you trying to say that people who have more then 2 children are insane? what about people who have 6 kids what would you call us, EH? :)

    I want to know your secret!! that's not far ;)

  2. Not at all Nicole... you guy are rock stars in my book!

    All I meant was that to be pregnant right now would probably put me over the edge!

  3. Hey Joanne-just being devil's advocate here, but travelling on nph isn't so bad. I had to work on timing for my doses, but honestly, even the time I just skipped a dose and picked it up at the "right" local time when we got there, only left me high for a little while. And that's better than overlapping and going low. And you'd have less stuff to carry than with a pump ;)
    Hey I was born in Montreal, too. Whaddya know?

  4. Blanche was a smut, but she was so good at it :)

    I want to know your secret!! Just sayin!

    If you can find the parade of pumps post that Laura, Meri and Hallie did... it would be a good place to start for questions. But to be honest... I have learned for from the DOC than Iever learned at pump class. Each pump has its own set of plus'. You would just need to decide what pump you like best for the reasons that suit your style.

    My suggestion would be to post your questions here. You will get some of the best answers you could ask for.

  5. Oooo a secret - I love me some secrets! I like Lora's idea of the parade of pump blog post - that was some good stuff about each and pros/cons.

  6. Hey is a link to my page on pumps that has the parade of pumps from all the pump posts that I have found to date:

    I hope that helps give you a start. I want to go to Portugal too!!!

  7. I missed that post. :( I'm missing a lot of posts these days. I feel VERY sucky not being in the loop.

    I'm not happy about the secret thing. It's my birthday month Joanne...spill!

    PS I TOTALLY get how you don't want a pump! I didn't want one either. but i know you guys...and I know that someday, you will luuuurve it!


    UGH! I can't wait :)

    If I know you, my friend...those questions are already inside that brain of yours and will come spewing out as soon as you sit down!

  9. I WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!
    TELL ME!!!!!!!

  10. Hmmmm a secret?!? Whaaat!? And I agree Parade of Pumps is outstanding!

  11. I love secrets...come on, enquiring minds want to know!
    I have nothing on traveling with MDI and a child on NPH, but if anybody could swing it you could! As I see it nothing about traveling with two kids is easy, nothing about traveling with two kids and d supplies is easy - but with good planning and preparation all can work out so that the time on vacay is enjoyed!

  12. We switched our daughter from NPH to Levemir to avoid the big peaks and avoid being slaves to the clock. It has really freed us up to eat at different times. We give the Levemir on schedule and give Novolog whenever we decide to eat. The downside is that you can't mix them so it does mean more injections. We use the Levemir & NovoJunior pen with the tiny BD Nano needles. Could be a great travel set up for you.

  13. NPH did not work for her at all (blood sugars did not come down below 200), so endo switched us to the "poor man's pump", Lantus for basal and Novolog for bolus and corrections. We used this MDI routine for three to four months before they would allow us to get the pump. Very good blood sugars, and this MDI routine is actually training for the pump. Downside... Lantus shot stings (you can use Levimir which doesn't), and a shot for every meal/snack you eat. You could use another insulin for breakfast to eliminate a shot. But I like Lantus overnight. Theoretically, you could do Lantus, Novolog and Regular or Levimir (which has a 12 hour so you need two shots). There are other options to get rid of the NPH besides pumping.


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