Saturday, January 15, 2011

I:C Roll Call

Okay D-moms and D-dads... I need to know, what is your child's insulin to carb ratio at dinner time? Over the last 2 weeks, Elise's has been creeping ever upward (or is it downward?).

She used to be 1:20. But we kept experiencing lows, so we tried 1:25. Nope. Then onto 1:30. I was going to try 1:35 tonight, but she was 216 before dinner, so I did 1:33. She STILL went low and needed 10g of carbs to get her into the mid 100s. The lows are happening exactly 1 hour after she's done eating.

We've also had to lower her overnight NPH dose by 1 unit. We've had 3 nights in a row of battling low after low after low and getting no sleep. Each night we'd lower her dose, and we'd still have to feed her up to 25g extra just to get her into the low 100s.

I know, I'm trying to make sense out of the non-sensical. But I guess our next step is to go to 1:40. Is that a normal I:C for a 3 1/2 year old? Is Elise just really sensitive to insulin? Could she still be honeymooning 2 1/2 years later?

I'd love to hear what the I:C ratio for other kiddos are, just to compare.


  1. It could be the weather ?!? I say that with a smirk... but I am actually kinda serious because our needs go down when its cold.

    could it be her correction factor?

    Justin's I:C is 1:20
    His correction factor is now 1:100

  2. Lora, our correction factor is a bit wonky because we still have to use diluted to correct her. One unit of diluted will bring her down by 100.

  3. Bryce's dinner I:C is 1:15 right now. When he was diagnosed at 3 1/2, I think he was at 1:20. At one point, we stopped using Lantus and only did a little NPH in the morn with his Novolog.

    Anyhow, I agree with Lora's assessment, it could just be the weather. Or maybe she is building up her liver sugars stores. Or maybe she is just really sensitive, or, or, or....

    Good luck getting it figured out! Hope you guys get some sleep.

  4. Maddison was 1:40 when she was 6, she only weighed about 38lbs. We have had some weird lows lately too, weather is changing here....maybe its the weather?

  5. Ive learned theres no right or wrong amount or even reason. Which is so frustrating!

    Justices dinner IC is 13. Yea he uses horse amounts of insulin. But during that week of shitty was 20. Not much help sorry.

  6. Grace is going in the other direction. She's been at 1:35 at dinner for over a year, but just this past week she's been consistently high at bedtime, so we're experimenting with 1:30 with some success. I hate this guessing game.

  7. A1:28 for dinner. Correction factor is 170.

    And UGH UGH UGH!!!! I hope you figure this out soon! When I make changes on the pump, I often do it in 1 point increments. CRAZY that such a little tweak can have such a MAJOR affect!

  8. Ellie is 1:20, but do know that there is a lot of stomach this and that this time of year. Maybe she's battling something? Ellie was terrible ill with the flu this week and after she recovered we have been battling low numbers for 2 days straight. Tonight, she went low 45 min. after dinner and I ended up giving her 62 flippin carbs to get her to 104!!!! I finally turned the damn pump off in fear! She couldn't injest any more anything! Now of course I'm up all night with the rebound but I'll take a high at night over a low anytime! Good luck and I have read that honeymooning can go on off and on for 5 years. I'm going with weather or illness either getting started or mild enough to have little symptoms! Good luck and ((hugs))

  9. Isaac's I:C is 1:30 in the AM, 1:55 in afternoon and 1:65 for dinnertime.
    Not sure if that helps, but he tanks at night if he gets too much insulin to cover food and he even needs his basal at .025 for a large portion of the night while sleeping which I think is abnormal, too.

  10. Ellie's dinner ratio is 1:15, as long as we are doing our normal, lazy, after dinner routine. If we have somewhere to go, we usually bump it up to 1:20.

    No correction factors yet because of the honeymooning (per our endo). We call our 'correction factor' jumping jacks in our household ;) If no ketones, tyhen we exercise to get the numbers down.

    Hope you get a handle on the reigns, my dear. I know it is soooooooo frustrating!!!!! But, don't pull out your beautiful read hair. Change and uncertainty are the new black, ya know ;)

  11. 1:15 for dinner. It's changed from two years ago, where she was at 1:30.

  12. 1:30 for breakfast and 1:65 the rest of the day.

    Correction factors: 1:300 during the day and 1:500 at night.

    Hope you get it figured out soon! D can be so frustrating!

  13. WOW!! Alexis thought they were using horse amounts of insulin...Kacey's I:C ratio is was 1:8 for a long time. And her correction factor is 50! Thank you hormones :)

  14. Brady's at 1:22 for dinner and weighs about 42 pounds.

  15. Have the I:C ratios gone back to normal? I don't remember what my dd's were at age 3 but 1:40 sounds about right to me. They need what they need, but it is hard when it changes quickly and you havr ot play catch-up.
    My dd had a stomch bug the other week. I didn't even rally realize it was a virus for a few days. She just said her belly hurt one night after dinner and feel asleep early. And then she ran really low for 3 days. It didn't hit me that she actually had had something and now was not absorbign carbs well until 3 days later when her siblings began to get sick. So I guess my point is they often don't absorb carbs normally for a week or 2 after a stomach bug and they can have the big so mildly at first that you don't even realize they are sick so it just appears liek carbs are having no effect.

  16. Our 6 year old 60 pound daughter is 1:15, she's had crazy highs lately so I bumped it from 1:16 to 1:15 and we've been upping all of her basals, still trying to work it out, but I think I might even change it to 1:14 soon.

  17. Follow up to my previous comment...I really am going to go with honeymooning of some sort!? The endo said that you have to remember the "inflamation factor" with the pancreas. I'm wondering if all the hydration (like total hydration) caused some reduction in inflamation and Ellie's last few little islets could spit and sputter some insulin?! Going so low within an hour??? No way on Novolog! I think that was her own insulin. The lows that quick after some meals weren't that consistant and they have now seemingly stopped...(cross my fingers of course!) Hope yours have too! ((hugs))


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