Monday, June 13, 2011

Finding same... 30,000 feet in the air

I don't know about you, but when when I'm in a fairly large group of people, I start to wonder if there are any PWD, or CWD in the crowd. I even look for the tell-tale signs.

A medical ID bracelet.

A meter case.


Am I the only one?

As we were flying from DFW to Madrid, I started to look at the other people on the plane. I remember checking out the wrist of the woman seated across the aisle from me. I saw nothing.

Then, during dinner, I heard beeping.

I thought to myself, "somebody's pump is beeping."

Then... "wait... somebody's PUMP is beeping!"

I looked across the aisle to the woman whose wrist I had checked out earlier, and there she was, bolusing at 30,000 feet up.

So we started chatting. She was dx'd at the age of 21, and her endo at that time had worked with Drs. Banting and Best. I'd say she was probably in her mid-70s.

I was so encouraged by our little chat. She has had very few complications, and told me about how she loved to travel all the time. In fact, she was flying to Madrid by herself to meet up with some friends from Germany. Living with D, loving life, and thriving.

Sweet music to this D-Mom's ears.


  1. I totally do the same thing!! I always looking for other PWD everywhere I go. I have to think that I am not the only one. Hopefully talking to her made the flight go by faster too!

  2. Yes, I definitely do this! I love meeting and chatting with people with D, it's like you have this instant connection.

  3. Love it! What a feel-good story!

    And, yes, I totally do that, too.

  4. That's awesome!!

    Made me smile, thank you!

  5. Yep know the feeling , dxed at 16 and am now 50 . Yes I do the same thing , I check out at restaraunts , movies , grocery stores wherever I go really . Im so glad you check these ppl out too .

  6. Wow, how cool! Love those kinds of connections!

  7. It is the BEST when you connect with someone else with D! We just had that same experience at IHOP a few weeks ago. :)

  8. my whole family does this! we call it "pump patrol". i get so excited when i see another D "in the wild".

    what an inspiring conversation you had! :)

  9. VERY inspiring! Thanks for sharing this story. :)

  10. awesome encounter...and yes I too look amidst the crowd to feel that same-same feeling!

  11. Right there with you scoping out everyone around looking for those tell-tale signs! Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing your D encounter :)

  12. That is amazingly wonderful! I don't think it was an accident that you met her. Music to our ears for sure!

  13. I do it too. It's inspiring to hear from the people who have lived with it for years and years--and with little to no complications!

  14. I would do the same thing. For some reason I feel an instant connection to those people. That is totally awesome that you "ran" into her. :)

  15. I do the same thing! :o) What a wonderful chance meeting with that woman as great!

  16. Wonderful! There is nothing better than meeting another PWD or CWD. It makes me feel less alone too.


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