Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Itchy and scratchy

This describes how poor Elise has been feeling for the last four days.

It started off with what looked like bug bites. Weird because nobody else in the family has them and it's not mosquitoes because we have started the summer hibernation due to the 100+ degree weather here in Texas.

Then, on Sunday, it turned into an all over body rash. It looks awful. And she is so itchy that she cries. As if she doesn't deal with enough.

I took her to the pedi, and she said it could be a rash due to a virus, or an allergic reaction. She recommended Benadryl, oatmeal baths, calamine lotion, and using hydrocortisone cream very sparingly (and only on the most itchy spots). She didn't want to prescribe steroids because of what it would do to Elise's BG.

But today the Benadryl isn't really working, and the rash is worse than ever. The pedi prescribed some stuff, but wanted the endo's okay first. Of course the office hasn't gotten back to me yet, so Elise has to suffer for another night. Meanwhile, her BGs are all over the place. I just wish I could figure out what is causing this rash.

It's been a seriously pissy week... we found out that there are some issues with the house - some small, one that will cost us $1500 to fix - that the previous owners did not disclose (not sure if we have any recourse). Then this weird rash, and then last night we had a nasty storm that caused a limb from our tree to fall on both of our cars, doing about $3500 worth of damage to Fred's car, and the wind tore down a section of our fence.

Seriously universe? Can we get a break? Please?


  1. Break? What's that? Seriously, Joanne, I'm sending huge hugs your way! Sounds like you're all having quite the time of it. Deep breaths! Problems come and go, but the important things are always constant. Hang in there!

  2. Joanne I am sending hugs your way. Hope this passes soon.

  3. OMG OMG OMG!!! sounds like good things gotta be coming both our ways soon. thats just too much to handle sometimes. The rash, the issues with the house, and then that freaking branch!!!! oh man. BIG HUGS. (for both of us... or a vodka, whichever you'd prefer).

  4. This makes me so glad i was diagnosed when i was older and hardly ever got sick or anything. I've had a few more issues after being diagnosed but nothing to serious. Plus add i the fact that i am/was the pickiest eater in the house and someone would have had a mental break down. Hope it gets better quickly!

  5. Ugh, Jo! Sure hope the thought that bad things happen in threes holds true!
    You so deserve a break...better come soon or I might have to open up a can of whoop a$$ on the universe!

  6. yikes...sound like a scary storm, I'm glad you guys are okay. I hope Elise's rash clears up on it's own before you even get that steroid Rx filled and her BG's return to normal. And yes, you deserve a break - if I were in charge I'd definitely give you one!:)

  7. Blimey. Get ready for that biblical plague of locusts any day now. Sending thoughts and calm vibes. Hang in there.

  8. Seriously yeah , sending good thoughts your way and a break from the bad things .

  9. OY! I hope the rash simmers down soon Jo AND...bummer on that tree branch. Chin up girl...you are due for some GOOD TIMES!

  10. Uggh...so sorry things are not going well. Nat had a rash similar a couple years before her diagnosis. Never did figure out what it was from (maybe viral??). I bought some aquaphor lotion (the most expensive one they had for itchiness) and it worked the best in clearing up her skin. I just kept applying it as often as needed.

  11. Hope E is feeling better and that rash goes away soon! I have the same kinda itchy crap and doc said allergies :( it sucks! Can't imagine for a lil one!


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