Thursday, June 23, 2011

You take the good, you take the bad

Okay. 'Fess up, how many of you are now singing the theme song to the "Facts of Life?"

You're welcome.

And thank you for indulging me in my last, very whine-infested post. Sometimes a girl's gotta whine when she can't have any wine. And there's no chocolate in the house. Or gummi-bears.

I really must go shopping.

So we discovered that Elise's rash is viral and could be sticking around for the next 3 weeks. And what a suck-fest that's going to be. We have her on so many different creams/medications/treatments, it seems like every time I see her I'm either injecting her, syringing something into her, slathering something on her, or throwing her in an oatmeal bath.

With all the craptastic stuff going on (and there's more than what I talked about in my last post, some of it I just didn't feel like going into), there is one ray of light that has me doing a little jig.

Today was Elise's endo appointment.

Her A1C was 6.7.

I almost pooped my pants.

With our crazy life over the last 3 months, I had no idea what it would be. My guess would have been high 7s. We have been seeing our share of high numbers, but I forget that she doesn't stay there for very long.

The rest of the appointment went great. She didn't grow all that much, but that's okay since she had a huge growth spurt the last time.

We did get a raised eyebrow from the endo when we told her about our mad diluting skills. But she's cool with it, since it seems to work.

6.7... it's got a nice ring to it.


  1. Was totally singing the theme song while waiting for the page to having 'issues' at the moment!
    Sucks that the rash will be around for a while...super sucks!
    Holy Schnikies! 6.7 WOW!! I've heard those numbers exist! ;) Totally fabulous!
    You deserve a mondo-huge chocolate bar, sister!!

  2. Congrats to the entire family on that 6.7 - it's a total group effort and you all deserve a high five. And yes, the Facts of Life is now officially dancing in my head. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  3. Great job on the a1c! With all the crappy things going on lately, it's nice to know something is going right! Hope everything else gets better SOON.

  4. 6.7!!!! That's a reason to celebrate! Your mad sxientist efforts apparently aren't so mad.

  5. After all you've been through, you deserve that 6.7!!! Yay!

    And yes, I was singing that song, thankyouverymuch!

  6. congrats Joanne....hope Elise feels better soon. I'm so sad she's itchy.

  7. Nice job, Mama Pancreas!
    Will you adopt me?

  8. I still can't get over your insulin chemistry skills.

  9. As always, you are the momma queen of D! Hooray for an awesome result, but eeewwwwww for the rash!

  10. Congrats on the AWESOME A1C!!!!

    You're a great pancreas!

  11. I totally knew the words too. I loved that show. "Natalie" was my favorite.


    WOOT!!! 6.7% is some Mad Pancrenting Skillz my friend. Love you.

  12. Wow 6.7 is awesome my dear and see your great parenting skills are coming into play here . Yeah there is some kind of crapy virus flying around my area too. It stinks . wow poor elise . Hope all is better soon .

  13. WOOHOO on the 6.7!! That is AWESOME! I will eat an Aero bar in your honor today...:o) Sorry to hear about Miss Elise's rash...poor thing. Those oatmeal baths are fabulous though! Hope you all have a nice restful weekend!

  14. Yep, singing along and stuck in my head. :) Thanks for that.

    Woo Hoo to an AWESOME A1C! Hard work and super mad skills have paid off!

    Hope the rash clears sooner than expected!

  15. THANK YOU very much for getting me hooked on that song. Don't you know my mind is crowded enough these days? Lol.

    I've been offline for a while now, sorry to hear that you've had a rough time lately. Hope things start to look up for you and Elise. And look...they already are! Awesome job on the AIC!!

  16. Well, the Facts of Life theme song is way better than what was floating through my head prior to reading your post. ;) Kudos on the A1c, great work! Have you named the rash yet? Anything that hangs around the house for a month should have a name....just sayin.

  17. AWESOME A1C!!! Congrats, that is fabulous! Our next one is end of July and I'm very nervous...we too have been having our share of highs a lot lately...stinkin' honeymoon can't decide if its going to end or not!! Again, congrats!

  18. That's awesome! You're one kick ass pancreas

  19. 6.7 is Rockstar Status. Think 'Pink' and her performance on the Grammy's. Yep! Impressive stuff going on around your parts ;)


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