Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Music to this Mom's ears

Elise is 4 1/2 years old. She's been living with diabetes for 3 1/2 years. She was diagnosed as a baby, and in regards to d, it's hard for me to not still see her in that light.

She's been able to test her own blood sugar since the age of two. These days, she insists on doing it herself, along with bolusing herself. She does the whole thing on her own, only stopping to show me that she's entering the right numbers.

It's scary how fast she's grown.

Especially since I have a little boy who's only a little older that Elise was when she was diagnosed. I look at him and marvel that I used to have to hold down such a little person for her shots. Or poke such tiny finger tips.

Was she really ever that small?

When Elise was first diagnosed, and up until we put her on the dexcom when she was 2 1/2, we would check her almost every two hours. Sometimes more often. We had no way of knowing if she was going low. Obviously she had no way of verbalizing it, and it was tough to tell if she was low, or just acting like a 1 year old.

I don't know when it happened, but since we've been off the dex, Elise has started telling us she's low. With the dex we would pretty much catch the low before it happened every time. But now that we don't have the security blanket, Elise has picked up the slack.

She usually catches a low while still in the 60s, and while I hate that she has to feel them, at the same time I am so very thankful that she's feeling them.

It's just one more milestone along this journey with D.

Some cute pics of Elise watching the Canucks live. She attended her first game at 5 months and I thought it would be fun to post pics from all the games she's been to. It's neat to see her "grow up" through these pictures (though I seem to be missing some...).

Our latest Canucks game pic... just the girls!


  1. Yea for Elise catching her lows!! I'm so proud of her. I have found it to be such a freeing feeling now that Natalie feels her lows and tells us. I don't worry as much in between meals and have really cut back on checking in between meals because I feel like I can trust her to tell me. I'm more apt to check her for highs that we are missing.

  2. Love the pictures...and I agree you do have a beautiful family! The tiny finger tips and holding down such a little person for shots...sure hits home for me. I hope one day that Our Sugar Babie will be in the place Elise is now.

  3. Maturity takes on a whole new meaning with D, doesn't it? Bitter sweet for certain. And, she was the cutest baby EVER . . . until Mattias came along ;)

  4. that's awesome that she's tuning into her lows!
    it gets harder as each year goes by to remember they were ever tiny.
    love the pics...she was (and still is!!) so stinkin cute!

  5. WAHOO!!!!! I think Addy was around 5ish when she was consistently picking up on them. One of my concerns about using Dex full time was worry that she'd become dependent on the CGM to alert when she's dropping. It never seems to be an issue when she is wearing it (which is rare), but she's pretty spot on and hardly ever drops below 60 on her own ;)

  6. it is quite the milestone :) Glad she's able to feel them before they get scary...what a rock star she is!
    And I love the hockey pics, we are big hockey fans here and since the Canucks are the closest "real" team they get our every cheer - so much so that our kids even know the Canadian National anthem!

  7. I am beyond impressed that she has been testing herself this long! What a champ.
    Okay, some time can you reply here or if it warrants do a post about my ignorance :) but give me the low down on the offering sugar-free candy thing? (from a previous post , I meant to write then). I admit guilt :( but set me straight?

  8. that's great that she can feel her lows! isn't it weird how it just kind of happens, without you even realizing when? it's kinda cool.

    and i loooooove the timeline of hockey pics. i am a total sucker for that kind of thing. whoo! :)


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