Thursday, March 8, 2012

One is not like the other

It was with great amusement that I read all the comment regarding the state of Elise's meter in my Telcare meter review post. I had honestly never given any thought to the fact that we are still using the meter we were given when Elise was dx'd 3 1/2 years ago.

Yesterday, the kids and I were on our way to dinner, about 15 minutes away, when I realized that I had forgotten Elise's diabetes bag. GASP (bad, bad D-Mama)! And of course, Elise announces she doesn't feel well.

As I was stuck in the hell that is DFW traffic/road construction (seriously, is there a more vile place to drive than the DFW area?), I had to rummage through the diaper bag for Elise's back-up meter (the purple one pictured above) as well as look for an exit so I could get off the highway. I finally found the meter, stuck the strip in and was about to hand it back to Elise so she could check her BG, when... nothing.

The little sucker never even turned on and at this point I'm in danger of causing a major accident (or 5) as I try to get over 4 lanes to the exit. After many, many laws being broken, I'm finally turned around and headed for home; all the while cursing (in my head) and trying to figure out what was up with the freaking meter.

It was brand spanking new. Never been used. Just taken out of the box and put into the diaper bag for emergency use. And nothing I did would make it turn on. Finally we made it home and tested Elise... she was 68.

The lesson? Test your new meter to make sure it works. And even if you carry back-up batteries with your main meter, you should carry batteries with your back-up too.

And maybe a back-up meter to your back-up.


  1. Doesn't it just make you crazy when you've backed-up with a back up and then your caught in a back up!

  2. OI...can SO relate the the traffic situation...why do lows always seem to occur when driving down the highway or in major traffic? D'oh

  3. :: bowing, hands forward, forehead on ground :: whispering "I'm retract my thoughts about you being a frugal cheap skate for keeping such a beat up meter"

    Don't e-v-e-r throw it out. It obviously has staying power and an 'in' with the T1D fairy. Very bad things might happen if you toss it. Stuff and mount it when it dies and hang it in a prominent place in yoor home. Maybe even build a mantle for it and leave small tokens next to it as you would a shrine ;)

    Sorry about the traffic and the stinky new meter and the awful traffic. Cheer up, tomorrow is Friday!

  4. Wait... so the ratty old meter worked better than the shiny new one? I'll try not to mock your meter choices again! :D


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