Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Tonight I decided to do one of my semi-every-two-months-or-so (does that even make sense?) checks of Mattias's BG. Nothing alarming... just needing some reassurance.

So I checked... and this popped up. Cue huge wave of relief washing over me the the sweet, sweet water of a 20 minute, uninterupted shower.

Four minutes later, I needed to check Elise to bolus her for her snack. And THIS popped up.

Kind of neat that they're on the same BG wavelength.


  1. Cute. And I think we all do the semi-something sibling check.

  2. Neat...I love odd coincidences like that :)

  3. That's it! You've found the secret. We just need to test a non-d person first, then the d-person, for non-d numbers...

  4. Almost a *jinx*!

    We almost NEVER see the 90s pop up on the meter :/

  5. Checking him makes all the sense in the world! We D moms get it. I check my kids every so often as well.

    What a beautiful blood glucose sight!

  6. maybe that time of year, we checked Ethan last night - he's been extra grumpy, "starving", sleepy and eating non-stop...so a BG was done and guess what, he was 95! Weird!

  7. Love it.

    We've taken to testing Rosie's younger brother with Keto sticks. He thinks it's funny to pee on a stick, and we get the reassurance we need every so often.


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