Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our week with Dex

Well hello!  Long time, no blog... which for me usually means something craptastic is happening.  Not so much this time around.  We've just been busy.  My Mom has been in town and our activities have been non-stop.  In two weeks we have:
  • Re-done my downstairs half bath, including; stripping U-G-L-Y wallpaper, patching, priming (walls, vanity and baseboards), painting said vanity and baseboards, applying 3+ coats of venetian plaster to the walls, sanding and polishing the plaster, sealing the plaster, and hanging 2 paintings, a mirror and a light fixture. And by we, I mostly mean my Mom.
  • Cleaned out and organized my garage.
  • Put together a bookshelf for the master bedroom.
  • Had a photo session with our photograper from Inspiration Through Art
  • Started a garden.
As well as all the other day to day things that involve running a household and caring for two kids.  Did I mention that Fred has been gone pretty much the whole time?  Yeah, it's going to suck when she leaves.

But this post isn't about that, it's about our brief and somewhat lovely interlude with our dexcom.  We are back to being dex-free, which was Elise's choice and I fully support it. 

The 7 days gave us some great information.  I was worried that her graph would mostly consist of huge peaks and valleys, but I was happy to see that she stays pretty steady between meals.  That has given me HUGE peace of mind.

Do I wish she would still wear it?  Yeah... I do.  Not having to worry so much about the night time was great.  Knowing which way she was headed was wonderful. And I loved being able to bolus more aggressively when she was high.

But once again, the negatives were just not worth it.  The itching it caused.  And the rash that turned so red and angry (like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli).  Plus she quickly remembered how much she hates to carry the receiver around.

While I am thankful for technology like CGMs, I just wish the technology was better.  Less intrusive, and easier to make a part of your every day life. 

So once again we have laid dex to rest in a little drawer, along with his little buddy, Mr. Transmitter, until the next time they're needed.  Sleep well, guys... until we meet again!


  1. so glad that you are having a nice visit with your Mom and that you got so much done! AWESOME!

  2. what an awesome visit - does your mom fancy a trip to beautiful WA?! HA!
    As for the CGM, well we're just thankful to have the supplies when push comes to shove and we need a little more vision into the crazyness of d...otherwise it just sits lonely in the supply closet (I still DETEST that we have a "supply closet", urgh!) Isaac, like Elise, has uber sensitive skin and the pain of it just isn't worth all that drama repeatedly.
    I hope you're getting rest and enjoying your ma :)

  3. Missed hearing from you but glad to hear that it was because of fun times being spent with your momma! Can't wait to see the pics from your photo session and please share about your garden!

  4. What a fabulous reason to take a blog break and glad you (ahem, mom) got so much done! I'll stop worrying now. :)

  5. So, is your mom available for hire?!? Could totally use a garage clean out! ;)
    So glad your absence has been for non-craptastic reasons!!
    Technology is there for us when we need it and I'm glad you got some helpful information from the time with Dex. I totally agree that it would be fabulous for those kinds of things to be less intrusive...especially when they cause rashes!!!

  6. I love how you remind me why we dont want a CGM.

    Glad to hear from you!!!!

  7. glad you got to hang with yer ma and be so productive all at once! :)

    i understand about the dex break. glad he's there when you'll need/want him again.


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