Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Princess and her ball

If you remember, last year around this time, Fred and I were able to attend the JDRF Gala.  We were invited again this year, but not able to go due to not having child care (hmmmm, sound familiar... anyone?).  Fred and I were pretty disappointed until an idea struck me... who better to take to a fancy gala, than our own princess-in-her-own-mind, Elise?

To say she was excited was an understatement.  It was all she could talk about in the days leading up to the event.  The dress.  Her hair.  Dancing with her prince.  It was all I could do to not laugh.

She was practicing her "princess poses"
I was happy to let her go in my place with Fred.  After all, she's always wanted to go to a "ball", and she's a whole lot cuter than me.  Plus I wore my one and only fancy dress last year, and in Dallas, you do not show up to an event wearing the same thing you did the year before (heck, that's probably a rule no matter where you live).

Twirling... always twirling.
I got to go out on a date with my own sweet little man.  We ate burgers and fries.  Rather, he ate about 3/4 of the fries.  Still, it beats wearing heels any day in my book.

How on earth are we related???
Elise was so excited to see her Papa all dressed up in his "smoking" (that's what a tuxedo is called in Portuguese... it's the English word smoking.  No... I don't know why).  I wish I had captured her face as she saw Fred come out the door all dressed up.  She was in love.  Just as it should be.

Adorable.  Both of them
Unfortunately, I forgot  to tell Fred to do a temp basal to combat the sitting in a car for 30 minutes and all the excitement.  She ended up in the 300s by dinner.  Oh well... I don't think she'll remember the high BG... just the fun night she had with her prince.  Due to a full day of soccer, lunch with friends, and an Easter egg hunt, their night was over by about 9:00 and she fell asleep during the car ride home.  Dreaming of glass slippers and castles, no doubt.

This princess wants a CURE!


  1. This is positively ADORABLE! that last shot is the money shot!
    thanks for sharing. smiles all around.
    And you're my kind gal, a day not wearing a dress and heels is a good day in my books too.

  2. Adorable! Beautiful pictures thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Oh gee - she's precious and looks so happy!

  4. Love this...she is so cute and so glad she was able to go with her Daddy. I just blogged about our
    1st Gala experience. Our Gala does not raise any where near the amount of money that yours does though! Yea for big cities like yours that we all rely on to raise money for a cure.

  5. Nothing more beautiful than a Daughter and Father date night! These photos are just too darn precious...love, love, love.

  6. I big puffy heart this post and these pics...adorable and what a great idea. What kind of tales did the Princess tell when she awoke the next morning?

  7. Scully's right. That last picture is incredible!

    We want more stories about the night from her perspective!

  8. she is absolutely beautiful in that blue dress that makes her eyes look so amazing. What a great time for her and her father, I can still remember going to a fancy dance with my dad around her age, priceless indeed :)

  9. What a doll! Q would say "that's a great twirling dress."

    Maybe they call it "smoking" because men used to wear "smoking jackets" which were fancy overcoats.

  10. Adorable. They look so alike in that pix; same exact smile and facial expressions. I love the dress and patent leather shoes. I'll bet they had a blast.

  11. Thanks for the advice and info about the long term lows. It helps to know this isn't too out of the ordinary. Diabetes just always keeps us on our toes.

  12. Whoa!!! That's a whole lotta sweetness in those pics! Love that she got to go to a ball with her Daddy. :)

  13. Princess pose! That's awesome. :) I'm sure she won a lot of hearts at the gala.

  14. twirly girly! love all the pics, especially the one of the two of them. glad she had a perfect princess night and i agree that's all she'll remember, not the high BG.

  15. ahh i love this post! love the pics and so glad she had a fantastic time!!

  16. Beautiful photos. That is one justifiably proud daddy, and a memory to last a lifetime for both of them. Glad you also enjoyed your time with your little man, one on one time with the kids is extra special.


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