Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Freddie!

We've had a crazy few weeks here at Le Maison de Death of a Pancreas, but I need to say Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband/partner in crime/best Papa in the world, Fred. 

Thanks for being born Freddie, life would sure be dull without you!  I love you and love you.

More cake!  This time with Fred's parents.  Also pictured: the best cake in the world

P.S. Also Happy Birthday to my Mom.  Sorry you missed the cake.


  1. Happy Birthday, Fred!
    Sigh, the cake looks yummy!

  2. Happy Birthday to Fred and your mom. Hope they both had a wonderful day!

    Yum, I love cake!

  3. happy double birthday! loved the pic in your last post too! of course i saw 104 and thought THAT'S A METER-BOX WORTHY NUMBER! ;P

  4. Hope he had a great day! and that cake looks amazing!!!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Fred! Wish we could tell you in person.


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