Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Having her cake and eating it too

Pictured to the right is THE best cake in the world. We get it for every birthday, nay... every celebration worth celebrating. It comes from a bakery which is about 40 minutes from our house and it is so worth the drive.

The problem with the best cake in the world is that it is unlike any cake you've ever had. It is made up of two types of layers. One is meringue-like (but not entirely... it's like a really crispy meringue. And that doesn't even describe it well), and the other is a whipped cream/ice cream hybrid. It is then covered in this whipped cream/ice cream hybrid, which in turn, it covered in chocolate shavings.

All that to say, guessing the carbs in this thing is like trying to guess how many stars are in the sky. Or how many ellipsis Meri has used on her blog. At best, it's a total crap shoot. I once asked if the bakery had any nutritional info on this cake and the lady gave me her best wise-ass smirk.

Because of how the timing worked out on Fred's birthday, we were going to give Elise some cake as part of her bed time snack. Fred and I put our heads together and came up with our best WAG (wild ass guess) at a carb factor. We chose .70. No, I don't know how we arrived at that number.

About 2 hours later, her BG was in the high 300s. Oops. But four hours later, she was back down in the mid 100s with no correction, and she woke up at 89. Nice.

The next two times she ate it, we used the same carb factor, and tweaked the amount of other carbs she ate, as well as giving her a bit of extra insulin. By the third time she had the cake, her BG was in the low 100s about 2 1/2 hours after eating it. Success!

I hate when we run across foods that are hard to figure out carbs for, but we have decided it won't stop us from letting Elise enjoy it.

Letting your child have cake... it's such a small thing to other people, but for us, it's a triumph.

And I love the smile it brought to her face.

***note: the above picture is not an actual picture of said smile (nor is it really a smile), but a rather adorable picture (in this mother's opinion), that I wanted to share. I'm shameless... I know.


  1. Love your WAG! I use those a lot!
    Yay for cake!!

  2. Now you can have that cake ALL the time!! It's like the nutritional info is written right on the package for ya!

    Your post made me drop my jaw because just an hour ago I posted on facebook that I was craving cake. And everyone is commenting with their favorite cake...and now I'm REALLY wanting cake...and then BAM!!! There is your blog with a picture of the most yummiest cake ever!

    When I come to visit someday...I am counting it as a reason to eat that cake.

  3. Meri... in Dallas? You bet we would get cake. I think it would be enough of an excuse to get enough cake to have it every day you are here!

    And the best thing about this cake? You can eat at least three pieces and not feel full of sick. It's like eating air!


  4. Oh, my, I have a serious craving right now!

    Love it when a WAG works out!

    That IS an adorable photo of an adorable girl!!

  5. Yummy, yummy cake :) I am having a serious cake craving now, that sounds delish!

    By the way, that picture is sooooo cute :) What a beautiful little girl you have been blessed with.

  6. Oh man...Joanne...I'm SO hungry right now and it's TOO late for me to eat and you posted about CAKE!!! And...I had JUST read and commented on Meri's facebook status about CAKE!

    I WANT CAKE! (sigh)

    Beautiful picture by the way..... :)

  7. LOVE the W.A.G. - hilarious...I may have to borrow that one too...Lora with the "good hell" you with the "WAG" you gals crack me up!!!

    Awesome job on figuring out the cake Joanne. I too hate those unknown foods for sure. When in Disney we ate at a buffet at the Animal Kingdom "African" food...WTF...yeah right, I totally had to guess my way through that dinner for sure. lol.


  8. oh to me miss elise still looks like fred . I love the wag it is so cool to say that . Love the pic of the little darlin .

  9. That cake almost sounds gluten free...hmmmm...and I'd be willing to risk it even though it's made in a regular bakery, which means it's probably cross contaminated to no end, but really, you only live once!!!!!!

    I LOVE that pic of Elise...such a doll!!!!!!

  10. OMG that cake sounds soooooooo GOOD!
    Meri - tell me when ur going to Dallas I will meet you there at Joanne's and we will all have CAKE!! =)
    (Love the pic, btw!)

  11. I wish I could eat that cake right now.


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