Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bet you've never heard THIS one before

Fred and I have a tradition for our anniversary. We always go to this uber chi-chi restaurant in the uber chi-chi part of town for lunch on the day of our actual anniversary (Fred takes the day off if it falls on a weekday). Elise, of course, comes with us.

Today I really, REALLY wanted this flourless chocolate cake they had on the menu for dessert, and we decided to ask our server if they had any nutritional information on it (so Elise could have some too). We told her we were looking for a carb count.

The first thing that had Fred and I rolling our eyes and giggling was when the server came back and informed us that each serving had 800. We grinned at each other, knowing the server was confusing carbs with calories, and restated our question.

Next came the manager, who very politely told us that they had no less than three chefs trying to work out the information we were looking for. I think she came back two more times, wringing her hands and asking us questions. The last time she came out, she started asking us questions about the nature of Type 1 Diabetes.

Somewhere along the explanation, we got to the part about counting carbs and how it's important to know carb amounts because of what too many or too few carbs can do to Elise's blood sugar.

At this point she says, "I need to tell you that if we can't get the correct carb amount, we cannot be held liable for what it could do to your daughter's blood sugar."

It was all I could do to keep from howling with laughter. I looked at Fred and tried not to laugh. We assured her that we would not be suing if Elise's BG went too high, and we appreciated their efforts in getting us the information.

It STILL makes me giggle. I think we may be onto something here, people...

BTW, we totally WAG'd the carb amount for the cake and Elise's BG came in at 116 two hours later. Nice.

I guess we won't be suing after all.


  1. Happy HAPPY Anniversary :)

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Too funny!

    Happy Anniversary again! :)


    Happy Anniversary by the way! :)

  4. Yes that is way too funny and happy anniversary dear .

  5. At first I was like 'A' for effort! But then I had to just shake my head. Classic.

    Good thing you guys have super hero carb counting abilities. :)

  6. HAHAHA.... TOO funny!!!

    My favorite is when they come back and advise that they don't know the carb amount but they are sure that cake has more sugar than ice cream.... so we should choose ice cream.
    (That one happned last week!)

  7. Hmmmmm...800 carbs, yikes!!! It's a good thing we know better then that, right?!

    I guess we need to give them props for trying...although they failed miserably and then got all freaked out you would sue :)

    Too funny, Joanne! Happy anniversary :)

  8. Can you come out to eat with us and do all the carb swagging please?

    Funny story. :)

  9. Haha...that is too funny!!!! Happy Anniversary btw. I too, would love for you to come out with me to do some of my carb counting. Sounds like you are a NATURAL!


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