Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This low is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Tuesday - treating a low

As the title of this post suggests, bananas are our favourite way to treat a low. Because Elise was diagnosed so young, she had never had juice before, and I was leery of introducing it to her.

Our problem with finding something to treat a low with was two-fold; it had to be something she would eat, and it had to be something she could eat. You see, Elise didn't get her first tooth until she was 16 months old.

When I did some investigating, I found that bananas have one of the highest sugar content when it comes to fruit, so I thought it would be a good food to use to treat a low.

Bananas worked for us for many reasons. When Elise was smaller, we only had to use a small carb amount to get her BG up. We found that 5g would raise her BG by over 100. The few times we tried juice, she'd get such a small amount, and then scream for more. The banana seemed to satisfy her better, and took a bit longer to eat.

Plus, Elise had never said no to a banana... it remains her go-to food, even today.

And yes, we even use it at night!
There is something so (bitter) sweet watching your baby eat a banana at 2:00 am while fast asleep.

Since bananas aren't the easiest thing to bring with me when we're out, I also carry several packages of Annie's Organic Fruit Bunnies. They have 18g of carbs per package, and Elise LOVES them.


  1. Bananas are a smart choice for so many reasons. We should use them more often. Today's is a great post idea for sharing ideas!
    And yes - I personally love Swedish fish and I seem to have passed that affinity on to Caleb. ;)

  2. Love the idea of using bananas for lows! I think that is why Z was so high after dinner last night. They just do not do good things for his BG in general, but what a great way to bring up lows!

    Thanks for the idea, Joanne!

  3. I never would have thought to use a banana. We'll have to try that sometime.....

  4. I am in total agreement. I am always in awe as our little guys eat while they are sleeping. Bitter sweet for sure.

  5. (bitter)sweet is right! I get so sad sometimes when I am sitting on the edge of my kids bed trying to get them to eat something sugary at 3:00 am to bring up their blood sugar :( I love the banana idea and it is something I plan on trying soon for my girls.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is great - I am getting so many more ideas about treating lows and varying it up to see what works. I have to check out the Organic Bunnies - they look like something my G would eat. Right now, I can get G to drink a Juicy Juice box at 2 am - not an easy feat. It's a guaranteed sugar riser for her. It is all very bitter-sweet, all of it.

  7. You are a genius for sure! It was you that turned me on to the banana to make the low go . . .

  8. I wish Joe would eat a fricking banana...that kid has something against fruit...loves veggies...hates fruit - WTH??? So when he was first diagnoses I used to treat lows with raisins (he did like raisins)...but he developed an aversion to them I think b/c I was using them for the lows - bummer. Now I am at glucose tabs and starbursts - :(

    Did you tell your hubby "hi" from your Portuguese on-lin buddy!!?

  9. All this talk of banana's is making me really want a bananananana!!! =)

  10. My kid is not a bananafan, but if she were, I'd be all over it. However, I do think I could get her to try those organic bunnies. So thanks for the tip!

  11. We love those fruit bunnies in our house! I keep them in my purse, the car and in Jack's D kit. So glad that there's finally an organic version of fruit snacks on the market, because they're so easy to treat low.

    Haven't used bananas for lows, because Jack eats them for breakfast all the time. He loves bananas.

    I wish my kids didn't get teeth until 16 mos! All three of my kids had teeth erupting by 5-6 mos. No fun when they were teething and still nursing and too little to understand "ouch" and "please don't do that!"

  12. I wish I could get justin to chew at night :)


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