Saturday, May 8, 2010

Three cheers for sugar-free antibiotics!

We are now almost on day 3 of using the sugar-free Amoxicillin, and I have to report that I am very pleased! We did see a bit of a spike on the first day of using it, but we made some adjustments and only have to give her one unit extra of diluted Humalog, as opposed to the 3 extra units with the full sugar stuff.

And the pharmacy we got it at is wonderful... before they filled it, they saw the special order for sugar-free and called to ask if we wanted to do the flavouring or not, and if we did, did we want to add a sweetener. They said that without it, the antibiotic would taste pretty bad and they were worried she wouldn't take it. Thankfully, they offered stevia (which is a natural sweetener).

Then, after my husband brought it home, I had to call to ask some questions about the dosing instructions. The pharmacist double-checked everything, and even asked me questions about Elise's age and weight to make sure she was getting the right dose.

What a far cry from Dr. Surly (if you don't know who Dr. Surly is, I posted about him on my other blog... click on his name to read it).

And I'm also happy to report that Elise has been fever-free for 24 hours and seems to be feeling better. So yay for sugar-free antibiotics!


  1. I am so glad little Elise if feeling better!! Hug her tight for me. :) And hooray for sugar free! I'm gonna remember that one.

    btw L is all better!!
    But...J has it now. :(

    Love ya!

  2. WAHOOO!!! I have been thinking about you guys. I am so glad that the sugar-free antibiotic is working out...and that Elise is finally feeling better.

    Happy Mothers Day!

  3. yeah so glad elise is feeling better and you have done so well you are an awesome mom .

  4. That is wonderful that the sugar free antibiotics are working out much better then the last batch you went through! I will always keep that in mind if my girls are ever prescribed Amoxicillin.

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  5. Hey I thought you weren't a fan of anything "sugar free"?...Totally kidding! :) Glad they're working out for you & Elise!


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