Saturday, May 15, 2010

A glimpse into our life

Saturday - Diabetes Snapshots

I meant to do something more with this post, but things got a little crazy towards the end of the week. Here are a few of the pics that I did manage to get...

Snack time... gotta love the almond butter! How many carbs do you suppose are on her spoon, fingers, face and left smeared on the plate?

Elise helping me make her morning smoothie by sneaking a taste of plain yogurt. Actually, she always asks first... sweet and sad at the same time.

Elise LOVES to help in the kitchen!

Something new we've started... not sure she gets the concept, but the idea of getting to put a sticker or stamp up there makes her so happy! Her prize? A big girl bike! (we were going to get her one anyway)

Why must we do this?

A little collage of Elise getting her shot ready. Ignore the major bedhead she's got going on.

I also thought I'd put Elise's walk video from last year up... you don't want to miss it. Featuring uber-cute pictures of Elise, plus a bonus track of me singing at the very beginning!!! We're hoping to have the 2010 version done very soon.


  1. The collage of her getting her shot ready really hit home. It really is our "normal" isn't it?

  2. I love the video. Elise is adorable! It breaks my heart to think of any kids having to take shots, but especially when they are so young.

    You're a good mom.

  3. That's my kinda girl....fingers in everything, the only way to eat!!

    She is adorable :) and getting sooo big I can't believe it!!

  4. Is that a princess nightgown that I see - - - ooooh la la . . . pretty girly! I love it!!

    Sweet little angel!!

  5. Love the pictures! Love the video! Love Elise!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. what an angel elise is and uber cute too . Love the post .

  7. What a great video!!I Loved it!!! How did you do it??

  8. Loved the video! I am playing catch up on posts this week and I have been crying up a storm...this was the third video I watched tonight, they have all been so beautiful and inspiring.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful girl with us :)

  9. Such a cutie! I can't wait for her to get her bike.

  10. The picture of E with Fred giving the shot took me from random scrolling to tears down my face instantly. And that was just the still picture...I will have to wait and watch the video when I get stable again.


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