Thursday, May 6, 2010

The return of strep throat

You know what is just a phenomenal way to start off your morning an hour earlier than usual?

A crying child who throws up, has a fever, and is complaining of a tummy ache.

A quick check of her BG and ketones shows she's at 118, and 0.2. By breakfast, she was down to 99, so I held off on her insulin until after breakfast. Thankfully, she eats everything and it stays down.

Back to the doc we go, and of course it's Thursday... which is the pedi's day off. So we had to see a whole new doc and set of nurses. I am so proud to say that Elise did so well at her appointment. She had a throat swab, and they did an ear wash because of impacted wax (they wanted to rule out an ear infection), and she never complained, cried, or flinched. The nurse said that Elise was one of the best patients she's ever dealt with and wish they could all be like her (awwwww, proud Momma moment!).

Diagnosis? Strep throat. Again. Blah.

This time we opted for the sugar-free Amoxicillin (tried to convince the doc to go for another antibiotic, but she said that Amoxicillin is the best for strep), so hopefully we won't see such crazy numbers. Even if we do, we have an inkling on how to deal with them.

I've heard from at least three other Moms in the D-Blog world whose kiddos are dealing with illness too. Praying that everybody feels much better soon!


  1. Awwww!! Good job Elise for being such a good girl at the Dr! =)

    Here's hoping that the sugar free Amoxicillin is much easier on you guys!

    Feel better soon, Elise!!

  2. Hope round 2 is much easier than round 1! Sending thoughts of good health and good numbers your way!

  3. Sheesh!! Whats going on with all these sick kiddos??? I hope Elise feels better and that darn strep stays away.

  4. Man, another learning curve with the sugar free...hope it isn't crazy like the last round.

    Luke is doing ok...eating dry cheerios at the moment, watching spongebob.

    ((HUGS)) to you. Hope she sleeps well! (And you too!)

  5. Booo!!! Liam has strep too! Thanks for the playdate invite but I think I'm going to have to pass on you guys this week.

    I know you want it - - - so here it is . . .
    Get well, get well soon! We want you to get well soon!

  6. OH GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Elise and Liam sound like twins!!!!

  7. Sending hugs and great numbers your way girl! I hope you all get some rest and that your sweet girl recovers quickly. Boo for more antibiotics - but yeah for the sugar free, I know I'll learn from you again when you post about her numbers.

  8. I was hoping for another post about cake!! :)

    Oh...I'm so sorry she's sick with strep again! NO fun for any of ya!
    Praying for good numbers and feeling better!!!

  9. DAMN Strep!!!

    Elise is a UBER-ROCK STAR!!! Tell her great job from her fans here in Vermont. Proud of her in handling it all so well. These kids are as tough as they come for sure.

    I hope the number gods shine on you through this illness sweetie!!!


  10. get well soon elise and yeah strep throat stinks .

  11. hang in there! I hope she feels better soon :-)

  12. Poor thing. Strep is noo fun. For what it's worth, I'm allergic to amoxicillin, so best-for-strep or not, there are other options.

    I hope this round of meds works. Feel better soon!

  13. Hi New Friend...thanks for introducing yourself. We are in North Texas, but we go to Cook's in Fort Worth. It's much closer. They have been fabulous. Wish we didn't need them, but so glad they are there. Looking forward to getting to know you!

  14. I think it's been almost 20 years since I've had strep... I don't even remember if that episode was before or after my diagnosis, but I do know that it was in the same town, because I remember the hospital--I think. LOL Really, age and pregnancy aren't very nice to your brain! I've used Ceclor, which on a google search showed as still being used for Strep. :D

    I'd be honored to be on your list. I really should get to that on my own blog! Have a great weekend, and Happy MOther's Day!

  15. We LOVE Cooks! In the hospital, we saw Dr. Willcotts. We really liked him, but he's not taking any new patients. We've been assigned to Dr. Raddack, but we haven't actually met her yet. Of course, most of my contact has been with the CDEs. They are all so helpful. Only good things to say about Cooks.....


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