Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things I learned from Diabetes this month: April edition

This was a BIG month for diabetes learnin'... you ready?  Okay!  Let's go!

-When you are filling a pod with insulin and you are trying to get rid of the bubbles, be very, very careful when tapping the syringe if you have taken the cap off to get a better look.  Or else you might tap to hard, and end up dropping the syringe, needle first, right into your thigh.  Oh yes I did.  Kept my cool, too.  Little eyes were watching.

-For the love of all things holy, bring your freaking logs when going for your child's quarterly endo appointment!  It's not like you haven't been going to the satellite office for a year and have no clue that they don't download there.  Funny line from the doc... "it's okay... we're not the log police."  It just made me giggle.

-Waking up to do a BG check at 2 am and finding your daughter's pod hanging off of her leg makes for a craptastic rest of the night.

-The best way to keep screaming to a minimum when having to do a 2 am pod change plus give a shot is to have a stash of toys that were bought at Target for 70% off, and offer (read: bribe) one to your child in exchange for an easy pod change.

-Did you know that you can get an antibiotic shot for strep instead of doing the 10 day course of antibiotics? One shot and that's it! My freakishly smart daughter actually opted for the shot. The best part? No crazy high BGs to deal with. Did you get the part where my daughter chose the shot???

-ALWAYS make sure your blood ketone strips are stocked-up in your supplies bag, because when you don't have them is when you'll need them the most.

-Driving 90 miles an hour and getting lost on the way to the ER while Elise was passed out in the back of my car and not knowing what her BG or ketones were is THE scariest moment in my life thus far.  This ties into the point above... I'll post about it soon.


  1. I love that she chose the shot. Smart young lady. :)

  2. Only nice thing - your smart daughter choosing the shot.
    Drove her to the ER by yourself??!!
    Can't wait to "read all about it."

  3. omg the teaser for the future story sounds like a freaking living nightmare. *after the fact hugs*

  4. Oh my goodness...you've had a craptastic (love that word) time of it lately. Heartfelt hugs to you guys. You have raised a brilliant daughter for sure...gonna put that gem in my D bag, just in case.

  5. i didn't know that about the strep shot option! and i am scared to read about the story you will share later....oy...does not sound good!

  6. oh my, this doesn't sound like a very fabulously relaxing fun April...let's hope May is a bit more fun with less "excitement", okay?!

  7. Yeah, I opted for the shot, too...and IT HURT...but I'm not the brave little girl with diabetes!! ;)

    Yikes on the trip to the ER!


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