Monday, May 14, 2012

All the little babies

Dbolg week day 1 - Find a Friend

The tagline of my blog used to read, "having a baby with type 1 diabetes sucks... I'm learning to make it suck less."  A baby... that's what Elise was when she was diagnosed. 

I spent many hours on the internet trying to find someone like me.  A mother of a baby with diabetes.  But there was nothing out there.  So I started a blog and slowly started to meet other D-Moms.  But the best was when I discovered Meri's blog.  While it's true J was no longer a baby, he was diagnosed at only 8 months and Meri became a wealth of information for me.

So I thought I'd use today to highlight a few blogs of other Moms whose babies were diagnosed at a young age.  In case you've stumbled upon this blog in search of someone else like you too.

Kelly and her Sugar Babie

Shannon and Joshua

Laura and Nate

Jen and Addison

Jules and Rueben

Sarah and Issac


  1. are you quoting sleater-kinney??

  2. I have been so blessed to have found someone like you who is on this journey with me. Your support has meant the world to me. Trying to make it suck less here but still learning.
    Love you!

  3. I also spent hours searching for info after my diagnosis. Surprisingly, I found the parent blogs most helpful. Kids had just been dx'd, like me, and everyone was trying to figure it all out.
    And some honesty... it made me stop feeling so sorry for myself.

  4. I love that our community is so big that there are sub-communities that are formed to help us find the exact support we need!

  5. Hi there Joanne - I just found your blog (again I think - I used to blog hop a lot back in my lurking days and "Death of a Pancreas" sounds very familiar but that may be because I love the book Death of a Salesman)
    Anyway whether Ive been here before or this is my first time I found your blog after you commented on mine. Im a new blogger and get few comments so when someone does comment I have this need to know understand who they are. I can tell I will like you quite a bit. Sorry that I hijacked the comment section of this wonderful post but I can't find an email you link or a follow me on twitter link. Did I miss them? Well hey if you are on twitter maybe look me up so I can catch all your daily doses of humor in the 140 character or less versions for days I can't get to all my favorite blogs. Im @momof2t1s on twitter. Great writing - lots more to read in your archives. Cherrios


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