Tuesday, May 15, 2012

She who laughs last...

DBlog Week Day 2 - One Great Thing

I love to laugh.  And make people laugh.  In fact, one of the greatest compliments you could give me is to tell me I make you laugh or you think I'm funny (NOT funny-looking - it's important to note the difference).

I'd like to think I do a good job of infusing humour into this diabetic life of ours.  Yes, diabetes sucks, but it will not steal our joy or ability to enjoy a good chuckle or two.  A lot of it I have chronicled on this blog:

My what not to say video.

Awarding myself medals for diabetes-greatness.

Giving you a glimpse into my inner craziness.

Sometimes it has nothing to do with diabetes.

Even finding laughter after what was a very frightening experience.

It think that it's important that Elise grows up seeing that although I take diabetes very seriously, we can still laugh at it's expense.


  1. laughing right along with ya...it must be an Canadian thing? :)

    Thanks for making me laugh more...with you not at you!!

  2. I'll cast a vote for some d-laughter south of the Canadian border! :-)

  3. I love to laugh too and your sense of humor is what has brought me back to your blog again and again. Thanks for the laughs!!

  4. You are a rock star! I am not saying that just cause you are Canadian and a Vancouverite :-)

    But you are the mom I would have wanted if I had type 1 diabetes as a kid.

    "It think that it's important that Elise grows up seeing that although I take diabetes very seriously, we can still laugh at it's expense."

  5. hells to the yes, if we couldn't laugh at this stuff then we'd really be screwed! thanks for bringing me and my fam so much laughter! :)

  6. Lots of laughter at our house too! It really is the best medicine and nothing makes me feel better after a long day with "D" than hearing my little boy laugh. Keep making us laugh Joanne! xoxo

  7. Your snarky sense of humor is one of the many reasons I love you, Joanne! You rock at a lot of things! SO thankful for you!

  8. Laughing is so much more fun than crying.

  9. Totally agree! Jules.

  10. I love that you make me laugh :)

  11. agreed you have a wicked sense of humor...and it is extra awesome that you're really a northwesterner! And I've wanted to tell you that my mom even shares your video you made, she thinks it is truly one of the most hilarious things she's ever seen :)


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