Sunday, April 1, 2012

Things I learned from diabetes this month: March edition

-This month featured another stomach bug for Elise... I should have seen it coming since we were experiencing lows out of nowhere starting two days prior. That makes two lowpuketonefests (low BGs, puking and ketones) since we started the pump and I've figured out that I need to cut all carb ratios in half automatically. I don't touch her basals, but just manually adjust the amount of insulin by taking the suggested dose and cutting it it half. As soon as I see the numbers creep up, I adjust it to about 40%... and so on. I don't bother to change the settings because I know she'll be back to normal within a few weeks and manually adjusting it ain't no big thing.

-Did you know that on the pod you can only have 4 insulin to carb ratio settings? I found this out by trying to add a fifth, and it wouldn't let me. This was confirmed by a call to customer service (even they had to check to make sure). It seems silly to me, and I had to combine two daytime settings, so I could add a snack setting at night. It just means that her afternoon snack ratio is off. I don't get why we can't add more.

-I knew this from when we were on NPH, but had sort of gotten lazy about making sure Elise got a healthy amount of protein in her bedtime snack. It makes all the difference in the world when it comes to Elise's overnight numbers. When we make sure she has a high protein bedtime snack, her numbers are super steady. Lately she has a glass of chocolate milk (20% chocolate and 80% white) and some banana. Works like a charm.

-I have discovered a great method for making sure we have no bubbles when filling the pod. I have a post already to go, just need to add pictures for the visual.

-Thank you for all the sweet comments on my post yesterday... they really make me feel loved!


  1. BOO to the illness again!! ARGH! I never knew that about the POD either...i wonder why they don't have it set up so you can add more ratios in? I have 6 different ones for Emma on our Ping...eek!

  2. Just caught up on your blog - what a month! Hoping for the best all around. Hard enough with one kiddo with T1D - but with two, alone, not feeling well? Incredible.
    Agree with the carb ratios, but I'm glad the Pod has 24 basals - the Ping has 12, and we always ran out.

  3. DAMN stomach bugs to all heck, we've been dealing with it for almost three weeks now. The trouble is that it seems better than BAM back again, we even got an allergic reaction to probiotics thrown in there just for kicks!
    Now let's start spring over and have a bit more fun, okay?!
    I truly hope your Easter is simply wonderful :)


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