Sunday, March 27, 2011

You say Gala, I say Gala

Wait... that doesn't really work in written form. Oh well, whether you pronounce it gay-la, or gal-a, that's where Fred and I were on Saturday night, the JDRF Dream for a Cure Gala.

When we were invited, I wasn't sure we would be able to go, but then the AH-MAZING Laura volunteered to wrangle our kiddos. And did an AWESOME job of it, I might add. Elise's BG was sky high then crashed, and Mattias screamed, and screamed, and screamed some more when poor Laura tried to feed him or give him a bottle. Glad I'm not the only one he refuses to eat for. I should have snuck some of the free booze out for Laura after all that hard work.

Then there was the little problem of me not having gone to anything fancy in about 10 years. Sure, I own a dress and some shoes. But they were last worn a decade ago at a Christmas party. And I don't own any make-up. Or know how to apply it. Basically, I was afraid I would look like a hobo who had wandered in off the streets.

Thankfully, the dress still fit (as did the shoes), and you can buy make-up pretty much anywhere AND the make-up I bought had instructions on how to apply it (I'm not even kidding). Reyna, I need you to come give me a crash course in "making your eyes pop".

So Fred (looking all hot in his tux), and I enjoyed a wonderful (kid-free) evening of yummy food, good conversation, and watching uber-rich people dropping some serious dough to support the artificial pancreas project. Over one million dollars was raised Saturday night!

Some of my thoughts:

-I am so very glad that there are people in this world who are very generous with the wealth they are blessed with. I had tears in my eyes watching some people raise their hands to donate amounts as large as $25,000!

-There were over 1100 people in attendance... Wow!

-People become jerks around celebrities. Bret Michaels was there, and people got so pushy when they came up to him to ask for a picture or get an autograph. They didn't care that people had been waiting in front of them (including some of the junior ambassadors), they just shoved their way to the front.

-I have to say I'm not really a Poison fan. Nor did I watch Celebrity Apprentice. But wow is Bret Michaels a patient, hospitable guy. He had a kind word for everyone who came up to meet him, and really seemed so into being there. He's also on the same insulin regimen as Elise (NPH and Humalog)!

-Don't asked overly-excited, middle-aged, potentially drunk women to take your picture... you will end up with a blurry shot of your boobs.

-I also got to meet Jeffrey Brewer, CEO of the JDRF. I really enjoyed talking to him.

-Gene Stallings, who apparently is this huge football legend (I'm not into football, so I don't know these things, but he seemed to be very loved by the crowd), was the keynote speaker. What blew me away was the story he shared about his granddaughter being diagnosed as T1 at 11 months old. Her BG at dx was 1962. A collective gasp went up from the audience when he said that.

-I can't wear heels anymore. I just can't. My poor feet still hurt.

Now, for the pictures!

All dressed up with some place to go!

Poor Bret being mobbed

Okay, I was one of the mobbers

That stray hair in this picture is bugging me, obviously not enough to photoshop it out.

Julianne Hough was the entertainment - we didn't stay for the whole show... it was already 11:00!

So thank you to the JDRF for inviting us, thank you Laura for being such a great baby-sitter, and a HUGE thank you to all the people who donated to raise money for my daughter's future. I am grateful beyond words.


  1. Oh, I've been dying to see pictures of this since seeing Meri and Laura talking on Facebook about what a hottie you are in them. Adorable! You and Fred look fantastic! Glad you had a great time, kid-free, and even more in awe of Laura now. She's super-awesome!

  2. Hottie!!! WOLF WHISTLE!!

    So glad you guys got a night out, and Laura is amazing,agreed!!

    We are excited for our Gala this year too, Justice works the event as an Ambassador :)

    BTW Gorgeous dress mama!

  3. I said it once, and I'll say it again...bowchicawowwow! You are beautiful!

    Hooray for Laura!! An amazing friend indeed!!

  4. Wow!!!! First off, you and your hubby looked ah-may-zing! How incredibly FUN to dress up for a night on the town - and for an awesome cause!

    And how cool to see Bret Michaels - he lives here in AZ, and I have seen him do so many interviews - he is always patient, kind and so forthcoming about T1D. What a great role model. :)

  5. How amazing!!! I am so glad you were able to go and you looked absolutely fabulous Joanne!!

  6. Yes, beautiful, Jo. So happy you had a good time (minus the mobbers). LOL when you mentioned Rey's eye-popping mascara! Love it!

  7. WHat, you aren't going to post the blurry boob pictures? Sounds like a great time and I am so glad you got to be kid free for an evening!

  8. You guys looked great! And how cool to be able to attend an event like that and meet celebrities that truely DO understand our life! I am, and have been for a long time, a Poison fan. Me and hubby even used to watch Bret's reality show almost religiously! Honestly though, I didnt know he was T1 until AFTER Lenny was diagnosed LOL! Guess that goes to show how much I really pay attention to "celeb hype"! LOL!

  9. Fun post! You and Fred looked smokin' hot! So glad you were able to enjoy such a fabulous evening!

    Laura is such a good friend!

    I, too, am grateful for those who donate the big bucks.

    Last fall, we met Brett Michaels (one of these days, I'll blog about the experience), and he was just as gracious. It's fun to meet a T1 celebrity, isn't it?

  10. YOU.ARE.HOT!!!! It doesn't look like you need any make-up tips you Gorgeous Mama Pancreas!!!

    Looks like a fun night and I loved seeing the pix of you and Fred...and Bret. And "hi-5" Laura when you see her for me...since I cannot do it. I love how us D Mamas stick together.

    Love you!!!

  11. I'm so glad you guys got to go and enjoy that evening. And wow, you two clean up NICE, you look fabulous!!! I'd be in the same boat as you, minus even HAVING the dress unless I could squeeze into my prom dress from 12 years ago (yeah, not happening, ha!). Anyway, can I just say "mmmm, Brett Michaels." Ok, there, I'm done! Yay for a fun gay-la! =)

  12. So glad you got to go! You look HOT btw! It is funny though, I had a dream about meeting you this past week and you were all done up wearing makeup and I thought to myself "Wait, is this really Joanne? I thought she didn't wear makeup!" It was a funny dream...

  13. You look great Jo and Fred! Looks like it was a grand time. Glad you got to enjoy it. Miss you all!

  14. yeah! How fun...a night out. And I need a Reyna eye make up lesson, too maybe we could skype it!
    And..yes, I would totally have been mobbing Bret Michaels - I WAS a HUGE Poison fan growing up, I believe when I was in Jr. High!
    Glad you had fun and what a gift from Laura to be able to do it!

  15. You both looked so fantastic! And the fact that you could fit something from 10 years ago is amazing!

    Yeah for a successful bash both in people having fun and most importantly in raising money!!!

    Love you guys!

  16. You look amazing in that dress! Classic and looks like a new one. With the red hair..... just lovely. I'm glad you and hubby had a fun evening and so much money was raised. Bret Michaals is a great advocate.... was never a Poison fan but I am struck by Brett's beautiful eyes. Did watch him on apprentice and got hooked on the "Rock of Love" series when they featured Daisy.... Campy and hilarious.

  17. Wow - you look gorgeous (and Fred does too, but don't tell him I said that!!!) Great night it seems and great event. Glad you got to go and for Laura being a ROCKSTAR! Glad you got out!!!

  18. Glad you had a great time!! I would have totally lost it when people were donating that much money! AND YOU MET BRET!!!! SO JEALOUS!!!! (yep...Poison fan...seen him in concert sooooo many times!! and the last few, all I could wonder is what his BG was!!)

  19. You clean up real nice!! I'love these pics- you both look great and so very happy! You deserve a great night out! And thanks the the awesome Laura for babysitting!!

  20. oh my goodness. you are beautiful, so classy! i was reading your hobo comments and laughed out loud, seriously you scrub up well hahah. glad theres people who donate also. so glad. wait, is bret michaels pointing to your boobs?

  21. OK, so I am a huge University of Alabama football fan and just so you know, Gene Stallings was their coach and won a national championship in the 90s. He rocks! :)


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