Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Madness

Nope. This is not a post about basketball. The title just seemed very apt for my life lately. A lot has been going on, hence the hush that has befallen my blog. Most of it falls in the not-so-good category. If this keeps up, I think I'm going to loose what is left of my mind.

The Not-So-Good:

-Mattias has gone on strike. Nursing strike. Eating strike. Pooping strike. I wonder if he thinks I'm trying to poison him... the problem is, he will not take a bottle. He hasn't figured out the sippy cup. My options are pretty much limited. Today, I used a syringe to feed him because he hadn't had any fluids in about 6 hours.

-He also won't take my pumped milk. I have high amounts of Lipase (an enzyme that breaks down fat) in my milk. About 20 minutes after my milk is pumped, it starts to taste soapy. He refuses to drink it. The only way to get rid of it is to scald the milk right after pumping it. To say it's a beating is a bit of an understatement.

-All this nursing stress (combined with the other stuff) is causing my milk to dry up. I'm doing everything I can to keep it up, but it's not easy. Plus, if my milk does dry up, how on earth will he eat, considering he won't take a bottle or sippy cup?

-Elise's numbers are going crazy. Trying to find a spare moment to sit down and look over her logs is hard.

-Fred is travelling a lot lately. It sucks doing this all by myself.

-No bites on the house yet. Not even a nibble. We've had three showings and it's been really rough getting the house in order and trying to get out of the house while it's being shown. The other day, it was booked for TWO FREAKING HOURS (over lunch time... great). Towards the end, Mattias was so tired and I needed to try and nurse him, that I just went home with 20 minutes to go. Thankfully they weren't there. To top it all off, their critique of the house was, "we don't want a two story". Then why the %*&! are you looking at my house WHICH HAPPENS TO BE A TWO STORY? STOP WASTING MY TIME!!!

-I'm am just one big ball of stress. My jaw is permanently clenched and my shoulders reside somewhere up near my ears. The littlest thing will set me off. Like the guy who ran a stop sign to cut me off and get in front of me in the drive-thru (then proceeded to give me the finger when I honked at him). If not for little eyes, I think I would have jumped from my car, pulled him out by his nasty white wife-beater, yanked said wife-beater up over his face (think hockey fight), and started pummeling him. Never cut in front of a red head.

The Good:

-I finally won something! Heidi was giving away a Daily Devotional book and a Starbucks gift card in honour of Bekah's D anniversary... and I was the lucky winner! Thanks Heidi, I've been meaning to email you to let you know that I had received both items, but my email inbox is another source of stress these days. Now, if Starbucks would only deliver.

-Tomorrow is another day. I just need to keep holding onto the fact that it has to get better... right?

That's all I've got. Sorry for the downer post. Here's hoping that I'll be back to my shiny-happy self soon (or as shiny-happy as I get).


  1. dear dear friend....wrapping my arms around you and hugging you tight. I wish so badly I was closer to help. I completely understand this level of stress...and I wholeheartedly empathize with the madness that has taken over your life.

  2. Having a baby that is on food strike is stressful. :(

    Selling a house is stressful. :(

    Luckily it babies change their minds all the time, and the call with an offer can come out of the any moment.

    I pray things start looking up for you soon dear friend!

  3. Good grief! You sure have alot going on. I swear selling houses is one of the most stressful things we've ever done. In the end we moved out during the last one so the agent could show it empty. I was sick of time wasters. *BIG HUGS* This season will pass. I'll say a prayer that you sell quick for a great price xxx.

  4. Good Hell, woman! Youve got life's most stressful things... All going on at once! I pray you get some peace. Sending you big hugs!!

  5. I'm so sorry Joanne, HOW STRESSFUL.

    For one of my kids (I can't remeber which one, hahaha) I had to stop nursing before the baby was ready for it and she would NOT take the bottle. I had her sipping out of a medicine cup and trying to get everything and anything in that baby. One day for some strange reason I mixed the formula with a very tiny bit of apple juice (ya I know gross) but she drank that thing right up and out of a bottle!! Not sure if that will help but at least you know your not the only one...BIG HUGS!!

    and selling a house is NEVER fun...wish you all the best!!

  6. Yikes! When it rains, it pours! It's no wonder you're stressed. The Not-So-Good WILL get better! It's just a matter of time. Hang in there! Sending you best wishes!

  7. Oh wow! And here I thought I had a lot going stuff seems like peanuts in comparison! The house sale in and of itself would be bad enough, but then throw in everything else and I can totally see why you are feeling overwhelmed! I hope things settle down for you soon so you can catch a break!

  8. Wow and more Wow. I am so sorry things are tough right now. The stress is killer. Hope you can get some relief, however it may come, soon. You are in my thoughts hon.

  9. Jeezum Crow!! You are having a rough go over there girl! Baby no no likey. That stinks and has got to make EVERYONE miserable. And I have never heard of this lipase bit, but that sounds like a pain in the ass.

    The guy with the wife-beater so deserved the wrath of the REDHEAD!!! Too bad the kids were with you. I would have wanted video footage of you kicking him in the squeelers.


  10. You have so much to deal with right now. Just hang in there and know that you will eventually look back at this time with will know you can handle a LOT and come out the other side. I think D moms of young children should receive some type of respite care. Really....
    I did laugh at you redhead funny! Take care of yourself and just try to keep going, giving yourself a break for the unimportant tasks.

  11. Hang in there, Girl! I'm a little late reading the post, so I'm hoping things are better by now. Hugs and prayers sent your way. No apologies for the "downer post," that's what the words are there for, getting it out! And that's what we are here for, listening and providing support. You are loved!

  12. Wow, stress is the word! Hope that house sells quickly. And baby HAS to eat at some point..... his instinct should kick in. I mean, he has GOT to. Keep trying different formulas, food. March is almost over; in April wishing the sun shines on you. And get that hubby home. You need help! (HUGS to all three of you)


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