Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Things Diabetes has taught me this month... February edition

-Sleep deprivation is totally a form of torture. Oh. My. Damn. I have never wished myself dead before, but I never want to be that tired again. Granted, not all of it was due to diabetes; we had night terrors, stress, and a baby who didn't give a flip what time it was all in the mix. But we did have our share of lows and one high that didn't help matters. We're still having night issues, but do get a good night here and there. And it makes all the difference in the world.

-Did you know that if you don't wash your hands after handling fruit and you check your blood sugar, you can end up having a false high reading? And did you know that this surprised the doctor who was relating this story on the news? And did you further know that they actually spent money to do a study on this??? Holy crap, my head about exploded when I saw this on the news the other day. Methinks that money could have been better spent. Hell, I could have told them that for free.

-My little girl is smarter than that doctor in the paragraph above. If you remember last month's "Things...", Elise was lamenting that she wanted to have the same snacks as the other kids at school. When I finally got my act together and figured out the carb amounts for what they serve at school, Elise told me she would rather eat the snacks that I pack for her because they are "healthier and make her body feel good". Awwww, music to my ears!


  1. I love that last paragraph! Very smart little girl you have there. No comment about the doc who was surprised about the hand washing thing (my momma taught me if you don't have something nice to say...)I hope that your nights get better!

  2. That Elise she's one smart cookie..it is interesting how, at least with the little guys, have taught their bodies to want the healthier foods. Isaac doesn't even like cupcakes or cake with his 3rd bday coming up I am not sure what we're going to do...and tell Elise she's welcome to come over for a playdate with the yellow haired fellow anytime ;) Do you guys make it up north to BC much anymore?
    As for the whole handwashing I found it hilarious, too - especially that people are still so stuck on alcohol as a "cleaning" agent, uhhh hellow it just kills bacteria not banana slime! So, at least us sleeped deprived d mamas aren't that dense!
    Glad to hear you're getting more rest, too...can't wait to see pics of the new exciting home.

  3. Right? I saw that as well and almost peed my pants laughing! There was eye rolling and a sarcastic "what a suprise" muttered. You are a great mom. Glad Elise has discovered that healthy foods make her feel better!

  4. Send the news program a resume for Elise - maybe she can earn big bucks and that will help her sleep better.
    Just kidding(just about the sleeping part).
    She's a bright young lady!

  5. What a wonderful, bright girl you have there!

    As for the handwashing thing... doesn't it make you wonder where he got his medical degree???


  6. Yeah, I saw that stupid study - DUH. They could have saved a fortune if they had talked to us D Mamas! Bahahahaha.

    Smart Elise..."healthier" snacks from home it is! Joe has been choosing NOT to have hot lunch lately! Music to my ears!

  7. Shortly after The Bean was diagnosed I was totally baffled by a 300+ bg in the middle of the night, since only a few minutes earlier had been low... when she had a few Smarties. Suddenly it dawned on me. Recheck found her to be just right.

    Dang Smarties.

  8. Hang in there on the sleep. We've had the nightly disturbances and crying sessions here since bringing home our little girl. She just has to work out abandonment issues over time. but between illness and those, I can relate to the "torture" feeling. I pray you get some beteer rest soon.


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