Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pity party... table for one

I know I'm running the risk of this blog becoming one big whine session. Or whinge session as my Australian friends would say (we were good friends with a couple from Australia when we lived in SF... their expressions always tickled me). But it's my blog and I'll whine if I want to.

Because I don't have the time/money for a therapist.

So what has me on a groin-kicking rampage today?

-Last night was another beating of a night. No night terrors this time, but lows and a crying baby. And no Fred to help out.

-I called Mattias's pedi for something like the third time this week, screeching that someone needs to fix my baby and make him eat. Since she has already seen him and feels there's nothing more for her to do, we've been referred to a GI doc. Who can't see us for a week and a half. We've also been referred for "Feeding Therapy". Whatever the crap that is. It sounds expensive.

-This is just so eerily like the start of Elise's dx, it has me in panic mode. Calling the pedi because "something" was wrong. We were referred to a specialist... that time it was a kidney doc.

-Nothing is happening on our house and it looks like we'll loose the other one (plus all the money we've put into things like inspections, etc). I am so sad over this I can't even tell you. I know if it is meant to be... blah, blah, blah. It still doesn't make it sting any less.

-I am out of marshmellow/caramel chocolate eggs. You know, the ones by Russell Stover? Oh my, they are like little bites of heaven. Two days ago, I had six. Now they are all gone. Thank goodness we've packed away the scale and I can't see the impact that all this stress-eating is having on my waistline.

To prove this isn't a one-way street of whining, feel free to comment and leave a note about something that is making you want to kick someone in the groin. Come on, join me! There's room for more at my table.


  1. My weather forecast...
    A Winter Storm Watch remains in effect from late Thursday night
    through Friday evening.
    * Timing: snow will overspread the area late Thursday night and
    * Accumulations: greater than 6 inches of snow are possible.

  2. went to the gym this morning (yay for me!)
    my 2 year old cried the whole time in the child care so that I didn't get to finish my workout or get in a shower.
    while I was at the gym, the dog we are fostering pooped on the carpet, barked at my cat, and got out through a hole in the fence.

    and don't even get me started on the weather here in Oregon. (yes, it usually rains but not this much and not usually this cold!!) I think we may drown with all this rain and it hasn't gotten up to 60 degrees yet, first time in many many years.

    anyhow, hope your day gets better :-)

  3. I love whining so feel free anytime :) I like the "why me" whine the best :) vent all you want :)

  4. If you've seen my posts lately, they all feel like one big pity party, so I hear ya! Thanks for your comment on my last post, and yes, feel free to add me to your PWD list! :) Sorry you weren't able to get the sleep you needed (yet again). Hopefully that changes soon!

  5. Oh Joanne!! I LOVE YOU!! how I am excited to whine and let you whine! It is so needed!! Brian took the day off so I could work on my business taxes and NOTHING has really gotten anywhere expect a mess in the room! Joshua keeps dropping overnight with lower lantus then we have done yet overnight. Im tired just tired... although I did get more sleep then you last night! I could go on and on but being on your blog isn't helping me get my taxes done!! BIG HUGS and love to you from VA

  6. My weather forcast is the same as Colleens. My big toenail from my first half marathon training (in November) is hanging on by a fucking thread..and catches on EVERYTHING. I have plantar fascitis on the other foot and am running a half marathon in 2 weeks. I had a pimple right under my nose that bleed like a Mo Fo right as I was picking-up Joe from school and didn't have time to cover it up...and that is all I got. It ain't shit compared to your stuff Sweet, Sweet Jo. LOVE YOU.

  7. whinge! its therapy for sure. i have diahorrea myself now and feel like puking. i have one D-child in hospital with dad, one with a virus and bladder infection or puking and coughing/snotty.
    there isnt enough room in this box to start on whats wrong with my mother in law....

  8. ah...Colleen's...and "bled" NOT "bleed"...AND...I cannot spell worth a crap.


  9. Natalie keeps dropping over night too and this afternoon she had her first "car low" and it scared the crap out of me and I HATE diabetes and I really don't know how to deal with this day after day after day. And you know what helps with the whine? Some real "wine"...I'm having a glass now. Sorry for all you are going through.....I really feel for you!

  10. My weather forecast is the opposite of everyone else's - it's supposed to be 97 freaking degrees here in Friday. NOOOOOO! What the hell happened to spring?

    I have a raging headache and two children who aren't sleeping yet. I have a huge pimple on my BACK that I can't reach, hubby is out of town and...did I mention it's going to be 97 degrees on Friday and I have nothing to wear that will hide my white, cellulite-ridden legs?? :)

  11. Hugs and kisses and know that you will get there. Vent, whine, cry all you want. It's the best therapy ever!!! Always here to listen.

  12. Oy.
    -If it snows one more freakin inch or half inch in my area I am seriously gonna go batshit insane.
    -Could I please sleep more than 2 hours? PLEASE.
    -I get one more meter error with these test strips, it's getting flung against a wall.
    -Drivers who suck. They are all around me. Seriously, they suck in the city of Philadelphia.
    Hope things look up for you Joanne.

  13. I'm jealous that you're in TX, I don't care if you're sleep deprived and feeling a bit nutty - I'd give anything for a ray of sunshine!!!
    As for all the crappola going on in your house...I truly wish I could help. I'd be there in a minute so play with Elise so you could snuggle down with Mattias. We were sent to a GI specialist for both Ethan and Isaac because of feeding issues (sorry didn't mention it in the email) but both times the doc said they had immature guts and underdeveloped esophagus' which lead to reflux. For my boys the best treatment was raising the head of their beds in various ways, walking them a lot in the moby or ergo for naps, for Isaac using Mylanta and for both I cut out all forms of dairy and citric foods. It was work, but eventually they either grew out of it or I stopped feeling overwhelmed by it all.
    I hope today is a great day for you guys :)

  14. I wasn't able to send you an email. I saw your comment on Brandan Is A Superhero and I just want to say hi. Brandan was diagnosed exactly 2 weeks after he turned 1.

  15. Snow storm comin.... Nuff said. But for some reason I don't believe it. Two, three nights in a row... no relief.... whinge away, you are certainly entitled. I would be calling in some favors and trying to get a body over so I could catch a few hours of shuteye. No shame in asking a friend for help. Even if it's a few hours in the morning or afternoon. I'll bet, despite time of day, you will drop like a rock. P.S. Even part time use of a mother's helper or babysitter (with you home sleeping) could help immensely. I would start investigating and training one before hubby's NEXT business trip, LOL.

  16. There's not enough space for my bitching:)

    Hope things get better Jo! xoxo

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