Friday, April 1, 2011

Things Diabetes has taught me this month... March edition

-You know those hard plastic slides at playgrounds that cause static as your kids slide down them? That static will make the dexcom receiver to shut off. It happened to us twice on the same day (two different visits). Elise was wearing the sensor on her leg, and I'm wondering if that contributed to it, since I can't ever recall it happening when Elise wears it on her arm (preferred location).

-So many things are taking me back to the days following Elise's dx. Making baby oatmeal for Mattias (it's what Elise used to eat every morning for breakfast). Seeing the containers of Gerber baby food at the store (it's what they gave us to feed her in the hospital). Things I haven't thought about in a long, long time. It's still hard for me to revisit her diagnosis.

-From the blogs I've been reading lately, it seems like so many people have problems with the ??? and accuracy with their Dexcoms. We don't really have these issues, but I've noticed that most of the kiddos that are having problems are boys. I wonder if it's something about the way little boys play? What about the girls out there, do you have the same issues?

-Inserting a Dexcom sensor on Elise will NOT cause me to pass out, as previously thought. Up until Wednesday, I had managed to avoid doing one of these. Of course, with the way life is going lately, Elise ripped hers out Wednesday night while putting on her pyjamas. Fred was on an airplane, not due to arrive until way late. So I sucked it up and did it, with the wonderful Laura talking me through it on the phone. It still made me feel a wee bit queasy, though.


  1. I am nervous about the sensor insertion too. When I do my hubby's, I set it up and just before I press the button to jab it into him, I look away so don't see the actual needle going into him. That has worked for me. :)

  2. Interesting on the "LEG-SLIDE" bit. Joe always wears his in his arm and I haven't noticed anything with the slides.

    We have not had the ??? issue. Luckily.

    Sorry about the feelings and the reminders of a younger Elise...back around dx. That is always hard.

    AND...glad you lived through the insertion you WEENIE!!!! :)

  3. We haven't had that happen on a slide yet but I am expecting it!! We get the ??? at all kinds of weird times. It usually doesn't involve play. Sometimes it happens when Addison goes high and the dex can't keep up. It has happened mostly when he just has gone to bed and all of a sudden...??? for no apparent reason. I wish I was one of the lucky ones NOT having that damn thing show up on a regular basis! Ah well..

    I hate needles too but somehow the Dex insertion doesn't bother me. In fact, I think it is much easier than the pump site! Pat yourself on the back for doin' it sister!

  4. we are in the ??? club lately. usually happens at night for us....just when we are depending on Dex most, go figure!

  5. We have the static electricity problem ALL the time - slides, even just getting in and out of the car. It's so dry here in AZ. I actually called Dexcom about it.

    We are on 24 hours of "sensor error 0" right now. I am about to call Dexcom and say what the hell. Ugh.

  6. Hmm havent noticed any issues with slides, and only 1 bad sensor. So I dont think its a boy thing.

    Sorry youre having the reminders of Elises dx, I know when I do its dark place and I cannt wait to get out.

    Yay for insertion, Laura rocks, and so do you!!

    Hope you have been able to get some rest!

  7. We meet our Clinical Specialist next Tuesday to start Charlotte's Dexcom trial (I can't wait!!!)...I'm interested to see if we have any of these's nice being able to read about the issues others are having so I'll know I'm not crazy when they start for us :)

  8. We get the question marks usually when she is sleeping. something in the way the body distributes weight?? Rolling her over usually, but not always fixes it. Restart rather than pull most of the time; hate to just pull a sensor.

  9. I get the ??? all the time. Of course it isnt from Dex since we dont have one :) Its from Joshua when I am standing on my head trying to get him to eat :) WAY to go on the site change!! Super proud of you and when we finally get a dex Ill be calling you to help me!

  10. i know what you mean about reminders of diagnosis. they are everywhere. when we were released from hospital, i washed up the bottles we brought home, for lemonade and night time hypos in hospital :( i even feel sad about the weather, it FEELS like the time of year he was diagnosed. yes, they are everywhere. BIG HUGS.

  11. I google-dx'd Adam...after a night of googling, I took him to the pediatrician and we ended up in the hospital that day. I know what you mean, though. You wouldn't believe the things I thought I've had thanks to Dr. Google!


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