Monday, April 25, 2011


As you know, food plays a very important part in diabetes. I am forever trying to figure out how certain foods affect Elise, find foods that won't spike her BG, and come up with fun and interesting food ideas.

I am very blessed to know (in real life) Angela Lemond. She is a registered and licensed dietitian who has worked in pediatrics. She is also the author of Mommy Dietitian and my go-to gal when it comes to food advice. Plus she's a just plain lovely person!

She is starting a new series on her blog called "The Mom Chronicles"; featuring stories of people with chronic illnesses, and how food plays a role in their treatment. We are honoured to be the inaugural family featured! Click here to read it.

Thanks Ang, for asking us to be a part of your new series, and aswering all my crazy questions over the years!

Now head on over to Mommy Dietitian... what are you waiting for?


  1. My friend, Sandy, was a red head. She would have like you!

  2. Nobody seems to get it with the food part do they ? Im going to head over there and read her blog .

  3. Awesome!! I'm so behind... Trying to catch up with everyone! Loved the Dex pic and that Elise is doing so well!! Tell the dr to suck it. And you're no more crazy than the rest of us! Don't know if that really HELPS.... But...!

  4. Woo-to-the-Hoo!!! Another sighting of the infamous Joanne. I love reading about family stories when they are educating others. Does this help with the crazies balance????

  5. The love is mutual, my friend! Thanks for sending people on over. My goal for the blog is to keep my posts as practical as possible because I am a mom and I know that's the way it's gotta be! Keep up the excellent work, Jo. You are an inspiration to us all.


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