Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Telling you why I don't like Mondays

Actually, this story begins on a Sunday, but let's not focus on such trivial matters.

I should have known something was off when Elise fell asleep Sunday afternoon. She hasn't napped in almost 6 months, but both she and Mattias were in snoozeville, so I counted my blessings and settled down on the sofa to play a game of Angry Birds.

Dinnertime and she was still asleep, so wandered into her room to check her BG. High 200s and .5 ketones. I gave her her insulin and about 5 minutes later she woke up. And she didn't look good. And she felt like she was on fire. Temperature was 102.3.

Oh oh. Did I mention I gave her some insulin? How completely sucktacular.

Upon being questioned, she said that she would eat, but nothing sounded good to her. Except for maybe McDonalds fries. I debated if that would be a good choice of food if there were going to ensuing tummy troubles. I managed to track Fred down (who was at a hospital visiting a neighbour and did not have his phone on him), and asked him to pick up some fries. Elise's dinner that night was diluted OJ, and french fries.

Her BG remained high all night, but the fever came down with some advil (which I think had a hand in making her BG soar). A correction was given, but I was afraid to give too much insulin because of all the horror stories I've been hearing lately about sickness and lows. Her ketones were always below .5, so I wasn't that worried.

So onto to Monday... luckily, Mattias had his 6 month well child visit scheduled, and the doc said it was okay to bring Elise in too. After a two hour visit, Elise's nose and throat swabs were all negative, as was her urine sample. Thank goodness (?) her temperature was 101.8, or nobody would have believed me that she was sick for all the singing and dancing around the office she was doing. The only thing the doc noticed is that Elise throat was a little red. Mattias also did great, making him a shoo-in for the Best Baby Ever award.

At lunch on Monday, we were going to debut Mattias's first ever solids. I was sure he was going to love it. Except that he didn't. In fact, he was rather insulted by the whole thing. At one point, he pounded his tiny fist into the bowl, sending it flying up into the air and emptying the contents on him, me, the dog, and pretty much anything in a three foot radius.

I decided that it was time to put away the solids. I took his tray off of his high chair, turned around and then heard a thump, then shriek. It seems somewhere along the line, I had forgotten to strap in him into his chair and he fell three feet onto our hardwood floor. I really am the Worst Mother Ever. I can't even explain how terribly CRAPPY I'm STILL feeling about it.

So there I was holding a screaming, sticky baby. I'm covered in rice cereal and having a heart attack thinking that I had broken him. Fred comes rushing into the kitchen and I start screaming about taking Mattias to the ER and that Fred had to cancel the showing.

Wait... did I forget to mention that we had a house showing that afternoon and only 4 hours to clean the house?

So I called a friend (thanks Liz!!!) who lives nearby (because I needed someone to sit in the backseat and watch Mattias for me), and drive about 90 miles an hour to take Mattias to the Children's ER. Leaving poor Fred to clean up the house (because we really can't afford to say no to anyone who wants to see it), and care for Elise, on top of having to deal with his work stuff.

A nearly 3 hour ER visit, 2 head x-rays, and a hefty co-pay later confirmed two things; Mattias is going to be okay (I didn't break him after all), and that I have the cutest, happiest baby in the world (as per the hospital staff).

I returned home to find that Fred had indeed cleaned the house... to the extent that it looked like nobody lived there anymore. Everything had been moved to the garage. One day later, I'm still looking for stuff I use on a daily basis... like my thyroid meds. Thankfully, I was able to combine two doses from some old prescriptions to make the dose I usually take.

And to round off this craptacular day, Elise's dex read HIGH pretty much all evening. Even for two hours after I rage-corrected her. Stupid unknown illness.

I don’t like Mondays.
I wanna shoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oot the whole day down

The spoon was a hit. The food... not so much


  1. First you are not the worst mom ever!! your amazing!!

    Next Fred just rules!! I love that man and everything that he does for you and your family. I think I may need to clone him :)

    I hope Elise starts to feel better really soon.

    and OMGosh what an adorable little man you have. Mattias your adorable!! and I'm glade he is not broken :)

    Lastly good luck on selling the house and quickly. I HATE OPEN HOUSES!!

  2. I'm sorry but when I got to the part about the house showing, I cracked up. And I'm still laughing. I hope everyone is healthy very soon and your sanity returns even sooner.

  3. I agree with Nicole. Worst you are NOT!!

    Youre amazing, I cant imagine dealing with D and an infant!

    Sorry you had a shitty MOnday, hope Elise feels better, and glad you didnt break that cutie pie! xoxo

  4. OH DEAR Jo! I hate when my babies would hit the floor!!! It rarely happened, I swear, but I did feel pretty horrible. (((HUGS)))

    And...the house showing - UGH...I feel for you on top of everything else you had going on that was the last thing you needed on your radar.

    And...yes, Mattias is the CUTEST BABY EVER.

    And...I am with Colleen. I have to admit that a smile twitched across my lips when you mentioned the house showing. :)

  5. When it rains, it pours!

    Don't beat yourself up over Mattias' tumble! He truly is a cutie pie.

    Gotta love a guy like Fred!

    Hope the house sells quickly!

  6. Please be aware that anything containing acetominaphin (sp) will cause the dexcom to read HI. Hope everyone is starting to feel better!

  7. Oh my, he is SOOOOO cute!!
    and on the spectrum of moms, you fall closer to Greatest, not Worst. Especially if you can go through all this and then BLOG about it!
    Good luck with the house and hope everyone is better soon.

  8. Ummmmm - WTF?
    Why didn't you call me???????????????
    And you totally don't suck - you are awesome! My kids fall out of shit all of the time. It's all good. :)

    Ummm - Sophie's had random illness too. Fever and sleepy but that's about it. Oh and lack of appetite.

  9. Join the club, my firstborn fell off our dining room table at 3 months. She survived just fine. I thought I would go to jail though.
    You are such an awesome mom.
    Tomorrows another day.
    Fred rocks.

  10. L looked like the face of death all weekend, I brought him to the doc on Mon. where he declared he was all better! I made the doc do a strep test, because B had a positive strep test a few days earlier. It was negative.

    And now? Tonight...the day after his doc appt? His throat hurts so bad he is crying.

    Make the ride stop Joanne! I'm glad your baby boy is a-ok, and hope Elise is on the mend! Love you!

  11. Man that is a sucktacular Monday! You win that award. I think you are super mom for enduring the ER with him. I'd have probably told Avery to rub a little dirt on it! It was nice to meet you guys last week :)

  12. You are an amazing mom! I hope Elise is well soon and you get your house sold so you can stop worrying about having it in tip top shape for lookyloos. Hey to add a good thing to your week, you won the giveaway on my blog. email me timm.heidi@gmail.com and I will get your prizes shipped out to you ASAP.

  13. Oh my word! It never stops does it? Joanne, I'm pretty sure nearly every one of us has let their baby fall of something or other (Callen fell off the couch, directly on to his head, on our hard tile floor recently, so believe me, I can sympathize!). Hopefully this week can only get better for you guys!!! And geez, that boy child of yours really is ADORABLE!!! Love ya!

  14. I think I've dropped a baby or two in my time... totally normal :)

    Glad everythings okay and I hope Elise gets to feeling better soon.

  15. I think you deserve the "fly by the seat of your pants" award. Whew! What a day! I am tired just reading about it. Babies are active; there will be falls even when you do everything right and just turn away for a minute or two. They can be dangerous so glad baby is okay. He's a cutie; you CAN read his mind as he's chewing on the spoon He has a disdainful look on his little face. Oh, well, later for the solids. Hope your house sells soon.

  16. He is so adorable! :) So glad you didn't break him ;)


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