Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The tri-fecta

We've had bad sleep nights here before. That's certainly nothing new. Whether it's because of Mattias wanting to party in the wee hours of the morning, or due to BG issues or night terrors with Elise. Yup, been there, done that... got the dark circles under my eyes to prove it.

But never before have we had such a piss-poor night because of ALL THREE.

I went to bed around midnight, took my usual hour to fall asleep; and just as I was teetering on the edge, Mattias woke up to be fed. Okay, no problem.

Except that he pretty much refused to go back to sleep.

And then Elise's BG went low. And then she started crying about bumble bees in her room. Mattias was ticked off that nobody was paying attention to him. More BG issues. Dexcom beeping. More crying. Curses uttered. A failed attempt to nurse Mattias again, hoping he'd fall asleep. Screaming. Beeping. Cursing. More lows.... you get the idea.

It seemed once we'd get one problem with one kid settled, the other would need attention. And so it went. All. Night. Long. Unlike the Lionel Ritchie song, we were not raisin' the roof, nor having fun.

I think I finally got to sleep around 5:30 am. Poor Fred had a flight at 6:30 am. He left the house at 5:48, and STILL made the flight. That, my friends, is impressive.

I awoke, 2 1/2 hours later, and catapulted myself out of bed, because I realized that Elise had to be at school in 1 hour. I can't believe I actually got her there without spontaneously combusting.

So, here I sit. Sleep deprived. Tired. Alone for the next few days. Stressed. I've already had my first marshmellow/caramel chocolate egg of the day.

Something tells me it won't be the last.


  1. Wish I was there to come over and watch Mattias so you could get some rest! Sorry it was such a craptastic night..I hope tonight is a better, sleep filled one!

  2. Ack! Woman, if I had a car I would be on my way to your house right this second. I know hearing "I would if I could" doesn't really help since it's not help at all. But my thoughts and prayers are definitely with you right now... I hope Mattias takes a nice, long nap and lets you have one as well, at least!

  3. I too...like Jen, wish I were closer to help my Texas Portuguese family! I can totally imagine the suckity-ness of your night Jo. I love you. Feel my (((HUG))) and I hope and pray you get some much needed rest tonight dear friend.

  4. Hugs, hugs, hugs. Every time I even CONTEMPLATE having another baby ('cause we're not) I think about dealing with baby issues along with D issues. It's enough to give me a headache just thinking about it.

    I totally get the husband-travel-thing too. Mine travels weekly and I'm alone to deal with it all a lot...except my kids sleep through the night. Occasionally. :)

  5. You know, I'm really not THAT far away. I just can't be there in minutes. But I can in an hour. Seriously, call if you get in too much of a jam. Could be fun! Thinking of you either way. And feel the cursing part of your night. I had a hay day with my mouth last night. One of those nights that you oh so understand. Oh, and the tears were mine. :( Big (((HUGS)))

  6. Indulge in those marshmallow/caramel chocolate eggs! You deserve them! I, too, would totally help you, if you lived nearby. I feel for you. That just sucks.

  7. sometimes it feels like the kiddos got together earlier and planned those nights doesn't it?!
    I hope you snuck in a nap while Elise was at preschool and a few more of those ever so yummy chocolate marshmallows!
    Here's to a more restful night tonight!:)

  8. Oh hon wish I lived closer, I would come over and get that sweet little boy and we would walk and walk and you would sleep and sleep. I sure wish I could.
    Sending you hugs and love and the strength to get through it. You need more chocolate!!

  9. I'm so sorry! I've been waking up Rasmus (5 yr old) several times a night to give him juice, because he keeps dropping at night. However, my other kids don't need much care during the night. I totally laughed about the chocolate eggs...I ate a bag of chocolate chips today. :)

  10. Pack up and come to AZ. We'd love to have you. I know how crazy this is. You are NOT crazy for feeling like this is crazy.

    BTW, I've gained 50 lbs since her dx almost 6 yrs ago. Yeah...one too many eggs....

  11. Poor kid! Hope your little ones let you get some sleep tonight. And in the meantime, add some expresso coffee in with that choco marshmellow mix; chocolate and caffeine together will give you more of a rush.

  12. i swear my kids get the same email about having crappy nights. so sorry.. ive had a number of them in a row and i feel like digging a hole. i laughed my ass off @ spontaneous combustion, i literally feel like i may explode sometimes like crash bandicoot, and my eyeballs will bounce down besides my shoes and that will be all thats left of moi!


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