Friday, October 25, 2013

A1C Wishes and Blood Sugar Dreams

Yesterday.  Endo appointment.  Was I ready?

Yes I was!

The appointment was at 3:40.  

Dinner was made and ready to be put in the oven when I texted Fred to do so.

Mattias was napping.

Lucas was napping. I had a bottle in the fridge in case he woke up before I got home.

And the software was up and running; just waiting for Elise to get home from school so I could download her PDM and print out the logs.


Okay, my house was a mess, I had the leaning tower of laundry to do and my kitchen was overrun by dinner-making paraphernalia.

But still... WINNING!

Until Elise got home and I tried to download the PDM.  The software wouldn't recognize the PDM.  "No data found" it said.

Oh.  Hells. No.

Only 30 minutes until appointment time, I un-installed and re-installed software.  I restarted computers.  I called Omnipod.  I may have yelled at my computer and shaken my fist... the results were the same; "No data found."

With 5 minutes to go before the appointment (we live about 2 minutes from the clinic), I threw in the towel.  No logs today.  Sad face.

As we arrived in the parking lot, I instructed Elise to "run like a bunny" (Mo-oooom, bunnies don't run, they hop!) and I'm sure every ounce of crazy showed as we sprinted to the clinic.

Despite not having logs, the visit went great; problem areas were discussed.  Basal changes agreed upon. Pictures of ostrich races from the state fair were shown (doc, not me).

She even told me that the other day she baked a cake and decided to figure out the carb count as she did it. What she came up with sounded pretty good.  The story gave me a good chuckle.

A1C was given... .5 lower than last time, and the lowest it has ever been.  

Cut to me grinning, but trying to play it cool.  Unsuccessfully so.  Who cares?

We don't need no stinking logs.


  1. Yay!!!!!! And I really love that your endo figured out carb counts for a cake she was baking - maybe all endos should have to carb count for a day, just to understand better how hard it can be sometimes.

  2. Logs...oh how I hate the! You really are Super "D" Mom! xoxo

  3. swweeeeeet!
    Bravo, it feels so good with the results feel like they match the effort :)

  4. YOU so totally DONT need no stinkin logs!! How the heck are you .5 lower than before, lowest ever? Girly you have 3 kids at home and continue to kick D's ass to this degree? WOW. Thats all I gotta say! I need a Jo at my house these day!

  5. Oh Kelly... I love you! I need you at my house as my cheerleader when I'm feeling crappy!

  6. Way to rock it ... and btw I have a "leaning tower of laundry" too ... that made me smile

  7. You're a rockstar....totally! And I am envious. ;)


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