Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sorta Wordless Wednesday: They're Heeeeeeeeere!

The shirts!

Coming soon to a mailbox near you!
(We're sending them out today)

Edited to add: If you missed the deadline and are sad that YOU won't be sporting an uber-cool WDD shirt on November 14, there's hope yet!  If we can get 10 more orders ASAP, the printer will do another run and we can get them out to you in time.  The price is still $12 per shirt, and you can email me at to get your order in.


  1. I think they are so cool and I'm kinda sad I won't have one...but I just ordered one for my sweet t1d girl. I didn't feel worthy of wearing one myself since I don't have t1d. Maybe one year you could make one that says "type awesome" for all of us d-parents:) of course then you'd have to add the options of "type 1 1/2". "type 2"....guess that's not a good idea...could get a bit confusing! Thanks for doing this...we are looking forward to receiving her shirt!


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