Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No D-Day: Meet Lucas

It's October 1st, and according to George, that means it's No D-Day!  I always have trouble coming up with what to post on, so I'm going to do what I've always done on No D-Day... introduce you to somebody who doesn't get much mention here; This year it's Lucas's turn!

What can I say about my adorable third-born?  There's a reason one of his (many) nicknames is Cutie-cutie-cute-cute.

Almost a year ago Lucas made a very... interesting entrance into this world.  Despite the rocky start, he has fit perfectly into our family right from the beginning.  He is just such an easy baby; the only one of mine who would take a bottle.  He's a great eater, a great sleeper, and an awesome traveller.  His whole schedule was turned upside down when we went to FFL in July, and he barely batted an eyelash.

As you can see from these pictures, he is a happy little man.  They really reflect his personality.  The other day I was at Elise's soccer practice, sitting with Lucas on my lap.  He was being a bit whiny, and I explained to another Mom that he had been so cranky because he was teething.  Her response was, "really... THAT'S cranky?"  It made me laugh... and realize how spoiled I am!

He loves his brother and sister, and lights up when he sees them. Elise, of course, is amazing with him.  And even Mattias is great, calling him, "my brudder!"

 He is my little snuggle-bug.  He loves his Mama, and I love the way he wraps his arm around my neck when I'm holding him.  And his cheeks... SO KISSABLE! 

He turns 10 months in a few days, and it has been so much fun to watch his personality blossom.  I couldn't have imagined a more lovely little man as my number three.

So there you have it... Lucas, meet the DOC.  DOC, meet Lucas... the happiest baby in the world.

(Okay, one more pic... I just LOVE his blue eyes in this one)


  1. What a happy little boy and thanks for highlighting him on No D Day. Your kids are so cute and probably don't give you a minute's rest. Rest would be boring anyway:)

  2. OMGooses what a CUTIE!!! I love that nickname too. So fitting.

  3. He sure looks like he's a charmer! Love the picture of all three kiddos together...Perfection! xoxo

  4. Starting my day with a smile - loved the photos and the smiles!

  5. I still can't believe you have grown from one sweet Elise to three amazing kids over these blogging years! Love you guys!

  6. Love it! He's so cute...Just sayin' from experience....MY parents' third child was awesome, too!

  7. How did I miss this post?! He is beyond adorable. I love the gummy grins! Hope you're enjoying your extra time with him and his brudder while the big sis is at school, it is so lovely to get some moments one on one or two on one with the kiddos :) Happy No D Day a little late :)


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