Monday, October 7, 2013

World Diabetes Day Shirts: A how to order re-post

It looks like we have enough people to go ahead with the shirts orders.  So if you really want one, here's how:

Step 1: Send me an email at shirts at deathofapancreas dot com.  Yes, even if you left a comment on my first post.  I need to have all the orders in one place to maintain what is left of my sanity. Please tell me how many and what sizes.  Not sure what size you need?  Click here. Also include your mailing address in your email.

Step 2: Now you need to pay.  I know this takes a lot of trust on your part; giving some crazy lady who lives in your computer money.  You will get your shirt.  I promise.  If something goes horribly wrong and the order doesn't happen, you'll get your money back.  I promise.  I would never rip anybody, let alone a D-peep, off.  And there are people in the DOC who know where I live who would gladly come beat my ass if I did.  

The price is $12 per shirt.  That includes shipping. The Paypal account is the same as the email.

Step 3: Do all of this before October 20th.  That is the deadline.  And if you miss it, I can't help you out. The printer is doing a one time run and there's no going back after the fact.

Step 4: After you receive your shirt and wear it on November 14th, please send me a picture so I can post it on my blog, like these fabulous people did 4 years ago.

If you want to look cool for World Diabetes Day, order now!

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  1. That nurse is a keeper. We've had middle school nurses argue and get confused over the insulin on board issue. Even though most medical professionals routinely work with bolus on board with other medications. This nurse listens to the Mom, who really knows her daughter best. And not afraid to contact you and ask questions or alert you and ask for guidance, if you feel something more needs to be done. You couldn't ask for more. Hope you get to keep her until Elise graduates.


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