Sunday, December 22, 2013

Guess the carbs

Growing up, my mom would always make gingerbread houses from scratch and my brother and I would go crazy decorating them.  It was my main goal in life to try and fit as much candy on my house without it collapsing.

I'm proud to say my kids are carrying on the tradition.

front of house
I tried to make a nice pattern on the roof, but was thwarted by my 3 year old
Fred's contribution.  Obviously Mattias was nowhere near this part of the house
Towards the end it was total chaos
Anyone care to guess the carb count of this bad boy?  

About one miiiiiiiiillion grams?


  1. Love your Gingerbread house! I can tell it was made with lots of love. What a great tradition you are carrying on! Merry Christmas! xoxo

  2. I might have taken a stab at calculating the carbs... (I'm bored tonight, can you guess?) I'm not bad at SWAGing, but this would be a simple one... You can count up the Smarties, & the gum drops, scale out the size of each wall & roof panel, & even guesstimate for the icing's volume... Then a quick consultation with Google would provide the carb numbers for each item & presto, that's all you need to know to calculate the total... (I'm assuming you wanted the total, not a "per serving" or carb factor?)


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