Monday, December 2, 2013

Things Diabetes taught me this month... October/November Edition

Because last month I did a post a day (well, almost every day), I figured I'd wait to post October's "Things" with November.  Here goes...

-Did you know it's possible to get speared by an omnipod needle while the cannula is being deployed? It happened to me as I was starting a new pod and pinching up, as per the instructions.  I guess I was pinching a little to close and the needle grazed my thumb.  Hurt like you wouldn't believe, too.

-As thankful as I am for the Dexcom, it kind of hurt when I got Elise's school pictures back and what my eyes immediately went to was not her cute smile, or the special outfit she was wearing; but the sensor on her arm.  When she picked her outfit for that day, I tried to steer her towards long sleeves.  But she wouldn't hear of it.  Her sensor had been on her arm for a few weeks and was looking very ragged, but I couldn't bear to change a perfectly food sensor for vanity reasons.  I feel awful that it bothers me, but it does.

-When you receive your D-supplies, look at the boxes to make sure you were sent the right ones.  One morning as I was frantically trying to change Elise's sensor due to ???, I opened the new box we had been sent.  I was trying to get everything done before she had to get to school, and wasn't paying much attention.  I put the sensor on, and as i tried to snap the transmitter in, it wouldn't fit.  That's because they sent me Dexcom 7 sensors.  we had been using the G4 for almost a year, and hadn't ordered the 7 sensors for over two years.  Man I was ticked.

-Growth spurts suck.  We haven't been through one in awhile, but it freaked me out the amount of insulin we we're pumping into Elise and we still couldn't get her below 200.

-Medical supply companies are run by the devil.  Of this I am convinced.  I have had so many problems with the company we deal with, I fly into a rage just thinking about having to call them.  From not wanting me to re-order when I'm allowed, to flat-out not sending me my supplies; it's a nightmare.  Between our pods, sensors, and strips/lancets; I have three different re-order dates.  Even though they're all supposed to be on auto-ship, if I don't call every three months, I won't get my supplies.  I'm tired of it.  I'm tired of them.  Yet I can't do anything about it.


  1. Hoping that someday Elise will look at that school photo and say, "Look Mom, remember when I had diabetes?"

  2. Those darn unexplainable HIGHS have been hitting us hard here too! xoxo

  3. re: school photo, it made me think of L's from a few years ago. she had her site on her arm + short sleeves and her pump on her belt. the photog asked her to move the pump so it wasn't in the picture. L was like AW HELL NO. the end.


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