Thursday, December 5, 2013

She wins

 I'm trying to learn to embrace this independence thing that Elise has going on.  It is so weird when your child, who has always HAD to be with you, starts doing stuff on her own.

Like going to school.

Riding her bike up the street without you right behind her.

Taking the bus (gaaaaaasp) to and from school.


Et cetera, et cetera.

Yesterday, just as Elise's bus was due to drop her off, I heard wailing from Mattias's room.  He had just woken up from his nap.  Fred (who was home to watch the boys while I went to the dentist) went up to get him and promptly yelled, "He's THROWING UP!"


I ran out to get Elise and started talking to my neighbour who, upon hearing of the vomiting, offered to take Elise for a few hours (awesome neighbour had her own three, plus another little girl she was watching).

Before I could think up an excuse as to why I couldn't, Elise was off and running, yelling, "YES!  AWESOME! BYE MOM!"

Okay then.  I handed over the CGM and diabetes bag and went home.

Fast forward a few hours.  I'm picking Elise up and awesome neighbour tells me that she went out of the room for five minutes and came back to find the girls eating cuties (Mandarin oranges).  Elise promptly told her that she thought it was around 10g of carbs and had bolused herself for it (10g is pretty close).

And while she *may* not have checked her BG before bolusing (she forgot and just went by the CGM), I do love that she's paying attention, and she's confident enough to do it on her own. We still need to have a little chat about the not checking, though.

It is so unbelievable how far we've come.

Nothing to do with the post, just an adorable picture


  1. I can only dream of being where you are one day! You must be so proud of Elise! Super Girl and Spider Boy...a perfect combination! xoxo

  2. Wow! Bravo Elise :)
    I hope the little dude is feeling better, too.

  3. what a great story (I mean aside from little man getting sick). Giving up bits of control is hard and is scary. Your little girly is rock'n it. The CGM is such a blessing but yes they do seem to occasionally rely on it and slack off with the checking but kudos for carb counting and dosing.


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