Saturday, March 7, 2009


It's important for me that in the midst of the storms that diabetes can cause that I meditate on what I am thankful for. It keeps me from wandering down the paths of pity or despair.

Last night we had dinner with our friends, Rob and Christy who schlepped all the way to our part of town. Their 3 year old son has diabetes; he was diagnosed at just 10 months old. We were introduced to them several months ago by our endo, who had a feeling that we would hit it off.

And we did. They are such a joy to be around. Our conversation last night was filled with laughs and finding out how much we have in common. After dinner, they graciously volunteered to stay at our house after Elise was down for the night so Fred and I could go out and enjoy a few hours of "alone time" (Huh? What is that?). It was wonderful to just sit and reconnect with Fred again.

So today I am thankful for kindred spirits. We may not know why we were chosen to walk this path, but I am very grateful for the people that God has put along it to make this journey bearable.


  1. Wow, I'm just reading your blog for the first time - very moving! I'm the mom of a T1 - she was diagnosed at age 5 and is now 11, our blog is No Sugar Needed - I'm looking forward to following you though your journey - give me a shout if you ever feel like venting!

  2. Awww...we had such a good time! Thanks for the cheesecake. And we're looking forward to having a stupid movie marathon one of these nights when the baby can't sleep. Give Fred our highest regards!


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