Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why I'm not Joanne Almighty

Lately my perfectionist personality has taken up residence once again. Crazy numbers and ketones are causing me to grind my teeth at night and I'm starting to worry that one morning I'm going to wake up toothless!

But lunch with a good friend the other day helped me to see things in a whole new perspective. It was really a "DUH" moment for me. My wonderful and very wise friend Gabi was asking me about Elise and how diabetes has taken it's toll on me. As I was telling her the difficulty in managing Elise's blood sugar and how the perfectionist in me takes it so personally when I get a wonky number, she leaned over and told me something that I had never thought of.

"Joanne, God created our amazing bodies in such a way that scientists are still learning new things about it. How can you expect to control or even understand something that the Creator of the universe designed with His own hands?"

Hmm, I have to tell you, that realization hit me like a tonne of bricks. How silly of me to think that I had the power to control what I don't even understand. It would like me expecting to be able to control the weather. All I can really do is pay attention to the weather reports, dress accordingly, and be prepared for when the weather person gets it wrong. If you live here in North Texas, then you know that happens on an almost daily basis.

I know I've talked about being able to let go before, but old habits die hard, and I'm sure this is something I will struggle with every day. But it's nice to know I have an "out" when I need one.


  1. My least fav class in college was biochemistry (because of the bio part). I was astounded by the sheer volume of stuff that we don't know yet about our bodies. Proteins fold into intricate works of art and all we know is that "chaperons" do the folding but the professor confessed that we've never actually seen a chaperon but it must be there.

    Crazy, miraculous stuff. Almost every class left me speechless.

  2. That's an amazing statement. I will have to remember that one.


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