Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bed time snack ideas?

I'm in the market for some good bedtime snack ideas; reasonably healthy, and combine the carbs and protein needed to get Elise's BG up and keep it steady through the night.

The carb amount she gets depends on what her bedtime BG is, but she rarely gets anything above 8g of carbs. If her BG is too high, we give her deli chicken and some cheese. Her usual bedtime snack is goldfish crackers and banana, with some cheese for protein, but I want to change things up a little. I just need some good ideas.

She's on 2 units of NPH before bedtime, which brings me to another question... since we can piggy-back our Humalog in the same syringe as the NPH, is it reasonable to assume we could give her some H in her bedtime shot, so she can have a higher carb snack? Or is it a bad idea to give fast-acting at bedtime?

Thanks for any ideas you can give me!


  1. I personally dont like any active insulin at night for Maddison...seems it never ends up right! But thats, me, I never took the time to figure it out and being that Maddison doesn't wake up for lows like your little one, I was always wondering for the entire bolus duration if she was crashing! So, me, personally wouldn't bolus for extra carbs at bedtime.

    How about PB and gram crackers? Or gram crackers and milk? PB and bananas is always and cheese? Good luck finding what works for you!

  2. Some nights Jada gets a snack, sometimes she doesn't. It depends on where her numbers are at. I don't like to give fast acting insulin at night either, unless she is just incredibly high (like she was last night). Jada often doesn't feel her lows, so it's a scary thing for me. However, when she needs a snack, one of her faves is 1 slice of whole wheat bread (about 12 g of carbs) and butter- it will definitely get her through the night if she's low before bed. Or 8 oz. of milk works good for her, too. If she needs something "free", she will eat a piece of cheese or even a 1/4 cup of cottage cheese, or a slice of ham or turkey.

  3. Thanks for the Soy Joy tip :)

    Hey...those are full of protein...half a bar would be about 8 carbs :)

    We always used PB alot too...yeah, I know -- not suppose to give it to 'em until they're 3...well, what can I say. I'm not perfect and PB saved the day for us!!!! Kelly mentioned all the stuff we'd usually give as bedtime snacks.

    Anyway, as for giving extra insulin -- we did it...and still do it. BUT we also check her 2-3 hours after the dose and again later if we're concerned about where her number is going.

    Let us know if you give it a whirl!

  4. I simply do not know how you girls do it! You are amazing. I used to whip powdered jello with cottage cheese topped with a few graham cracker crumbs for Wendy. She thought it was cheese cake. Anyway, I wonder if you could do it with sugar free jello? Don't have the sightest idea about the carb count....I have to check my book!

  5. Some of Alivia’s favorite bedtime snacks are:

    2 pcs bacon and 1 egg (8g protein and only 1 carb)
    -I cook up extra bacon when I make it to keep in the fridge for bedtime
    8 oz milk
    1 Oscar Mayer hotdog (5g protein and less than 1 carb)
    2 T peanut butter with either celery, graham crackers or a few apple slices

  6. Yogurt with flax seeds is a big one for us. We have a vanilla goats milk yogurt sweetened with maple syrup that seems to provide the perfect combo of carbs and protein to keep Addison from going low most of the time. Also, there is a brand of coconut milk yogurt (made by Soy Delicious?). The plain variety, which tastes nice and coconutty also has a good balance of carbs with a bit of protein.

    We try and aim it so that blood sugars are in a range that we can give Addison about 5 g carbs without any fast acting.It doesn't always work out of course. Whenever we do add the fast acting in it never seems to end up right for us either!!


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