Friday, June 26, 2009

Vaccines and Diabetes

I'm a bad Mom.

My daughter is almost 22 months, and I'm still getting her caught up on her 12-month vaccinations.

All during my pregnancy with Elise, a little war waged inside my head... the should I/shouldn't I vaccinate debate. After I had looked through all the research, talked to Moms that I trusted, and questioned Elise's pedi-to-be, I settled on a compromise; I would vaccinate Elise on my own schedule.

And that's what we did. And it worked fabulously, until Elise's 12-month appointment. Because two days later, she was diagnosed with diabetes, and my whole world turned upside down.

At her 15-month appointment, I realized how behind we were, so I allowed them to give Elise one vaccine (I can't remember which it was). The next few days were horrible; her BG shot through the roof and she was irritable and didn't want to eat. Thankfully she was back to her charming self three days later.

At her 18-month appointment, I nervously agreed to her Dtap vaccination and awaited the the high BG and crabbiness that was sure to ensue. But to my surprise, there wasn't any. Huh.

On Thursday, I took Elise for her Prevnar (pneumococcal) vaccination, and besides a little soreness on her leg, and some irritability, it hasn't been that bad. Her numbers may be a wee bit high, but we're talking upper 100s/lower 200s.

We also experienced high numbers with the flu vaccine. I write all this to say; has anyone else experienced high numbers after vaccinations? Any stories to share? I'm curious how this has affected other kids with diabetes.

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  1. Don't feel like a bad mom- we've done the same with Jada as far as vaccines- because I do believe there is a connection w/ vaccines and autism- a college friend of mine is dealing with autism in her child and it all started after a round of vaccinations. We're still playing catch up with Jada and she's 4! The vaccinations she's had in the last year didn't seem to bother her blood sugars. The flu shot didn't seem to bother her at all. Our pediatrician in Oklahoma highly recommended the whole family get flu shots. We didn't last year, but most likely will this year.
    Joanne- you're doing such a great job with Elise! Always so thorough- you are an inspiration to me to stay on top of things with Jada!


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