Friday, August 28, 2009

Hunger Strike

I wrote in one of my last posts about having some food issues. Well, it turned into full-blown, refusal to eat over the last few days.

It would start when I'd tell Elise it was time to eat. She would run and hide from me. And when I tried to pick her up to carry her to her high chair, she'd start to cry. I tried everything to get her to eat, but she'd just wail through the entire meal. What food I could get into her mouth, she would store in her cheek until the wad got so big, she'd start to choke.

I even tried to give her ice cream for lunch one day, but she started to scream at the sight of it. After a series of calls to the endo, dietitians, and pediatrician, I got some advice on how to handle Elise's hunger strike. I also took her into the pedi to rule out anything wrong illness-wise, and her doc seems to think she may have some left-over tummy issues from when she was sick over the weekend.

It's been a tough week. My husband was out of town until last night, and trying to get Elise to eat was exhausting me. Mealtime would take over an hour; snack times almost 45 minutes. I felt like I was stuffing food into her all day long.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that my husband being away had something to do with Elise's refusal to eat. He came home to spend lunch with us today, and Elise ate fairly well for the first time in days. Or maybe it was just a coincidence. Either way, I hope it's all behind us.


  1. What advice did they give you more or less? Because she's already had the insulin at that point, right, so she "has" to eat?
    It has got to be so hard at that age!! I know at least with my siblings when they wouldn't want to eat something they had to have to count as one of their "units," they were at least at the age to say well, how about this instead of that, etc.
    (On that note, which makes me feel bad b/c of how lucky I had it, if one of them wanted more of something that I wanted too, and there wasn't enough of, they always got it. I am sure I would whine, that's not fair!!! joe always gets all the rice!!!! wah wah. oh the drama we all must have caused at dinner every night for my mom. 2 jd's and 1 brat (me) (and my older sister, but she was pretty passive and had left for college soon after my little sister's diagnosis)
    oh well, i'm rambling. . .need to go vacuum :)

    hang in there :(

  2. Did you try Dr.Pepper??? ;-) j/k
    No really though I've been there and it's ROUGH!!! Watching the clock knowing that nph is gonna peek and you HAVE to get something, anything in her! NO FUN! It seriously brought me to tears every time I had to battle her. We had to make the choice to take her off the nph because it was no longer the best choice for her, but honestly it was so worth it not to have the food battle every day!
    Who knows maybe she'll be back to loving food tomorrow!

  3. Oh bummer....Is she getting any new teeth? (molars?) Sometimes my kids wouldn't eat well when teething.
    Kudos to you b/c you are doing a GREAT job! Keep pressing on....You Can Do IT!

  4. @ Maria - They told us to use carb ratios (where you give the insulin based on how many carbs she ate), and to give the shot after the meal. They also gave us a bunch of food ideas that might be easier for her to eat if the problem is with her tummy.

    @ Amy - I think there's something going on with her teeth, but it's in addition to the tummy stuff. Elise was a very late teether (16 months) and so far only has about 10 teeth. Right now she cries and says owie when we brush her teeth, so we're pretty sure something is coming in.

  5. that is so awesome about her name . thanks Joanne I hope all goes well with your trip yeah I am on mdis too as well . I cannot afford a pump my friend Wendy wears one and we had some a hole at the airport tell her to remove it . I got fried about it . thanks again honey and good luck on your trip and hope it is uneventfull for you guys .


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