Friday, August 21, 2009

What the???

This diabetes stuff has me scratching my head again. It all started last night when Elise got home from her night out with Poppa at the ballgame (I got to eat some fabulous food with some fabulous ladies at our Girls Night Out).

She had her normal snack (15g) at her normal time (8:o0), and 2.5 units of NPH 30 minutes later. Pretty much how we do it every night. Except last night she was up later than usual, so subsequently I nursed her later, but that was the only change. When we checked her before bedtime (10:30), she was at 110. Much too low for a bedtime number, but we let her be, hoping that her BG was on its way up.

One hour later, 100. Two hours after that (at 1:45 am), 70. So, we give her 7g of carbs and 45 minutes later she's at 208. Yay! Back to bed. She wakes up at 7:45 with a BG of 76.

I decided to give her about 5g more of carbs for each meal (I had noticed she was trending lower a few days prior), and we pretty much stayed in the mid to low 100s all day.

Then dinner time came, and she was 155. We gave her the usual 9.5 of DH, an approximately 35g of carbs at dinner. About an hour and a half later, she's acting whiny, so we check her and she's at 87. A pretty low number considering her meal consisted mostly of pasta. We decided to wait and see. When we checked 45 minutes later, she was at 70.

So we gave her 10g of banana (carb grams, not weight grams), and when we check her an hour later, she's still at 70! At this point my husband and I are looking at each other, not quite sure what to do. Since it was snack time, we gave her a 20g snack, her insulin, I nursed her and we put her to bed. At last check (one hour after snack), she was 201.

Is it just me, or are those some crazy numbers? She hasn't been any more active than she usually is, so I'm thinking honeymoon? I just hate seeing those lower numbers at night. It doesn't lead to a very good night's sleep. This is the first time we've experienced anything like this, so I'm a little unsure of how to handle it. I know I have the head knowledge, just not the confidence that I'm doing the right thing. I'm thinking I should start off by lowering her dinnertime DH?

I'd love any advice (or acknowledgement that I'm on the right track), ideas, etc.

You know what I'd really love? A pancreas that was miraculously being healed.

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  1. I would absolutely think Honeymoon. But on a side note we notice that when the boys are having growth spurts they require more insulin and when they stop growing for awhile they require less. I know, impossible to know for sure. You are doing everything right. Is it hotter than usual? Is she moving around more because she is older? So many variables! All we can do is constantly adjust.


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